Sunday, September 13, 2009

Online Pick of the Week(9/11): Rock & Roll Jeopardy!

In my excited anticipation for the start of the new season next week on Jeopardy!, this pick involves another spin-off related to the series, Rock & Roll Jeopardy!.

After years of wanting to check out an episode, I found one on YouTube, and I have to say I was rather impressed with it. Jeff Probst does a really nice job hosting. This version does a pretty good job by adding a neat twist… music, to the regular good old format of the answers and question style game play on Jeopardy!. Just goes to show that you can take a tried and true format and make it work to your advantage. I also find myself to be a bit better at this version. Again, pop-culture-ish type material is really my forte. And if you were a music fan, you would have loved the apparent variety of question material.

Really nice adaptation of the series and it’d be nice to see reruns again someday.

Rock & Roll Jeopardy!, my online pick of the week!

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