Friday, February 24, 2012

DOOL: More Flailing About Will Horton

I can’t get over how beautifully told this story on Days of our Lives is. Just simple brilliance.

It was something else as we watched Sonny mention his new plans for the newest coffee place in town and Will got so nervous and fearful about getting involved. I figured it had to be that he thought that being with Sonny and his out friends would have been a constant reminder of how afraid he is to be is own self.

Coming out is often done my many people in a step-by-step basis like what we’re seeing here. So I applaud the realistic nature of this part of Will’s story. It was also nice to see Sonny talk more about his realization and how he dealt with who he is before now when that happened. I knew this story would provide more material for Sonny as a friend and as a character, and what’s actually been on-screen has been pretty much everything I hoped for if not more.

I was so glad to finally see Will confront Sami about what he saw between her and EJ. There’s no way I feel sorry for her. Just no way. The way Sami tried to blatantly lie and deny that it happened in the first place when she was confronted about it and the fact that she seemed more concerned about Rafe finding out pretty much justified and solidified Will’s anger about the entire situation. Could she be any more selfish? Well, there’s that, and who wouldn’t be traumatized if they saw their mom getting their freak on? I was glad to see Will not fall for any of her garbage. And the fact that she STILL continued to do this as the situation worsened just drove me crazy. I know she was scarred when she saw Marlena and John go at it as a kid but there’s only so much she can blame her own mother for. It’s not all about you, girlfriend! This is the kind of stuff that leaves me completely unsympathetic to Sami and makes me not bat an eye when Will gets snarky.

But the really fun part was yesterday, of course. Will finally kissed his first guy! I could not have been more happy to see it. He never kissed Gabi like this! I often say that when it comes to daytime soaps, that it’s all about the payoff. Will is obviously not ready to be out and proud yet, but this is a huge step. A few people have expressed concern about him being drunk when it occurred, but I really like the way the show writes drunk Will. He acts out on his true feelings in spite of his insecurities and doubts. Plus his friend Sonny saw them, so there’s no backing out now.

Yes, Will Horton, there is no turning back now. You kissed a boy, and you liked it.

Ringer: “Whores Don’t Make That Much”

Some real inventive episode titles, aren’t they?

I was pretty intrigued with this episode, for the most part this time with the actual main characters’ back story. At times when I’m following this show, it can be difficult to keep up with some of the issues behind Siobhan and Bridget. This episode however, set up what is quite obviously the biggest thing that could estrange family members up with quite clearly. We’ve seen flashbacks of things like Siobhan bailing out a drunk Bridget and so forth, but this took the cake.

Misha Collins also did really well in the role of Dylan, the father of Siobhan’s now deceased child. And Siobhan really had Dylan beaten up? Wow, don’t mess with this chick. The only thing I find off about it is that it’s going to be really awkward and weird if the real Siobhan were to ever cross paths with Dylan ever again.

The story involving Juliet, Tessa, and Mr. Carpenter got to a whole new level of bizarre though. Catherine is behind the whole plan?! Really? I thought Juliet hated Catherine's guts. I hope this is explained well next week. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good twist in the story, but right now it looks like it was pulled out of nowhere.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ringer: It's Easy to Cry When This Much Cash is Involved

I was pretty intrigued as Bridget continued to go through her twin sister Siobhan's history and get a little closer to finding the truth yet again with this episode. With her, as always, it's a slow, but sure path to getting there. The restaurant with the secret wish design was pretty clever. What could Siobhan have possibly needed to forgive Bridget for? They obviously had a rocky relationship, so it could be a number of things.

The most out-there part again though had to be the story with teenage daughter Juliet. So basically she is just a scheming individual. Both girls are. I can't believe that for one moment I thought she had a legitimate bone in her body. That feeling didn't last long, but still, I fell for it. Now I'm wondering what in the world Mr. Carpenter would want to do with this scheme with these two teenage girls. Really? What is he getting out of this? Why would he be so willing to ruin his own career for them? Confusing, and creepy, for sure, but then again, this is the part of the show that I think is really supposed to be the headscratcher.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston

Like many, my heart was broken when I heard the news that legendary singer and actress Whitney Houston passed away at the age of 48. Such a tragic loss. And way too young. I will always have memories of her music growing up. My personal favorite song of hers was always "It's Not Right But It's Okay." Movies she's worked on such as Cinderella and The Bodyguard have always held a place in my heart.

One other thing about this that I do want to say at the moment: I can't begin to say how disappointing the MTV tribute was late last night. I know we have channels like MTV Jams and VH-1 Soul, but how hard could it have been to air some more Whitney on the actual MTV feed? I think people could have lived without
Teen Mom and Jersey Shore reruns for one night.

It was also disappointing that there wasn't a big selection of videos shown. I just don't understand this. What could have happened? Legal issues? The ones shown were nice but it feels like there could have been more done on their end. Especially after the Michael Jackson tribute. Not to mention how do you go from "The Greatest Love of All" to Jersey Shore just like that? And not even a tribute slide or anything after it was over? Really?

But then again this is the same channel that didn't even bother to do much of anything to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its own launch on on its own channel. So I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised.

Here she is performing on an August 1984 episode of As the World Turns:

Rest in peace, Whitney. I will always remember you for your talent.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Millionaire: Jeremy’s Big Win

This past Wednesday’s episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? was a pretty good example of a game show that’s still got it after all these years. Jeremy Blais from Matunuck, RI walked away from the show with one of the biggest amounts of money that could be won.

What really had me enjoying this ride was the raw, genuine emotion from everyone involved. From Jeremy himself, to his family, the rest of the audience, and of course Meredith helped out with her method of hosting. And Jeremy was a really knowledgeable, and in some cases, lucky, contestant.

As more and more of these new primetime high jackpot game shows evolve, I’ve grown more and more sick of the constant overdramatic atmospheres. The obnoxious contestants who are seemingly booked for the sake of being obnoxious, the gimmicks, the ridiculous commercial tosses, which are supposed to add to the suspense, but in actually just ruin any suspense that was there to begin with (I’m talking to you, Who’s Still Standing!). I could go on.

Well, considering this is Millionaire, there was none of that here. Even with my issues with the questions being shuffled, the series proves that it can still put on a high-stakes event properly. Millionaire was one of the first game shows to have the flashing lights, the heart pounding music and the dark studio, and for the most part, at least in this country, they’ve been one of the only ones to put out the proper amount of dark intensity and feeling and still have it pay off in the end.

This was also the perfect balance of levity within the drama. Take for example when Jeremy accidentally high-fived Meredith too hard, and Meredith had me on pins and needles as she did everyone else when Jeremy guessed “Pizza” as the answer to the $250,000 question.

Some people might be wondering, especially since it‘s been quite a while since we‘ve had a top prize winner here, “What’s the big deal? People get up to the second tier somewhat often.“ It’s true, that does happen. And, well, no, Jeremy might not have made it to the top. But $250,000 is a great accomplishment and it was a very entertaining half-hour.

Ringer: What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?

Yes, you read that correctly. That was indeed the episode title for this week's show. I actually found this to be a very enjoyable episode of the series.

There was the really perfect soapy interaction between Juliet’s mother and Andrew’s ex-wife Catherine, and Siobhan… (or shall we say in this case, Bridget?). Catherine’s certainly a hot mess, isn’t she? Bridget also seems to be improving since she’s stepped in Siobhan’s shoes. Even though Siobhan is always ahead of her, it should only be a matter of time before she figures out her twin sister is actually alive.

What really got to me this week was the whole issue of Juliet and her teacher, Mr. Carpenter. At first I was convinced she was completely full of it when she said her teacher forced himself on her because she already has a very long history of being mistrustful and acting out. Now here comes the surveillance video tape of her and the teacher, and he wanted none of her advances. It looked like she was caught in another lie, but then the other student Tessa shows up and drops the bomb that he did the same thing to her. I don’t know what to think now, but then again, that’s what’s supposed to happen. It's something story wise that I should be confused about. There's the possibility that they're both being honest; or Juliet could be lying, and the other kid could be telling the truth. You just can’t tell this soon and I‘m intrigued to find out what happens next. Plus one would only hope that Juliet wouldn’t actually be low enough to lie about something as horrible and awful as this.

Since it’s debuted, I’ve been hot and cold about how the show’s been progressing. As much as I’ve enjoyed seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar on a new series, it can be confusing and difficult to keep up with at times. But I guess it just goes to show that some shows need a few episodes in the beginning to even itself out and begin to get itself together. Ringer obviously is one of those shows. If it keeps up after this, I think it could be appointment television for a really good length of time.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Remembering Don Cornelius

I along with many fans was very saddened to hear of the loss of television pioneer Don Cornelius this past week. Of course he was best known as the creator and host of the long running syndicated hit series, Soul Train.

I didn’t have cable for most of my childhood years, so while networks like MTV were in their prime and some people relied more on sources like those, Soul Train was still a pretty good and official source for myself and my family growing up; finding out some of the latest music, fashion, and trends as they progressed in our society. Soul Train was not just a look into the cultural word for people of color like myself, but for everyone.

Also I must say, I’ve really been enjoying the classic episodes of the show as they’ve been rerun on stations like WGN a few years ago and Bounce TV today. Spike Lee’s description of the show as an “urban music time capsule” to me is spot on. Not only have I enjoyed seeing how various eras of fashion, music, and dance have been represented, but I’ve also discovered several favorite new (well, more like new-old) artists and songs that I probably never would have really thought of thanks to the exposure. Artists like Patti Austin, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., Atlantic Starr, and Yarbrough & Peoples just to name a few. We also of course can’t forget the exposure given originally to then groundbreaking artists like The Jacksons, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder.

I have a lot of great hope that we can continue to remember his legacy for many years to come with the way networks like Centric and Bounce TV have been broadcasting his signature creation. No other music show can top the brilliance and uniqueness of this one.