Saturday, September 26, 2009

TPiR: Season 38 Premiere: Review

Since there really aren’t any major changes to the show game play wise, I will simply comment on the minor changes.

I really am enjoying most of the new set changes. The one-bid score displays look really nice. Updated for the modern conveniences, while continuing to sport the classic look of which the show is known. Same with the turntable and the main stage where the pricing games are played. A few of the new camera angles remind me of something: I know a few friends who have seen the show in person, and the one thing that they all say is how small the set is in actuality compared to what is seen on television. And these new shots during the closed-captioned bumpers and so forth really seem to resemble that fact. The only real problem I have with the set is with the showcase podiums. The color scheme matches, but they’re a little thin for my tastes and the score readouts are a bit hard to read. The latter issue could easily be fixed by making the readout background darker.

I think Drew so far this season is doing a really decent job. I am confident that things will not turn the way things did close to around this time last fall, where the intended comedy overpowered the show itself. Luckily things for the most part turned around relatively quickly after.

Here’s to another season of Price!

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