Monday, September 7, 2009

Best of 25 Years of Jeopardy! This Week

All this week from September 7th through the 11th, Sony has decided to treat us with a 5 episode selection of what they call “The Best of 25 Years of Jeopardy!”

Here is the rundown:
9/7: Show #1 from 9/10/1984
9/8: Show #3482 from 10/26/1999, which features as Eddie Timanus’ game #5
9/9: Show #4656 from 11/29/2004, Ken Jennings game #74
9/10: Show #4657 from 11/30/2004, Ken Jennings game #75
9/11: Show #4783 from 5/25/2005, The Ultimate Tournament of Champions finale

I was wondering what we’d be seeing this week considering that the reruns of the Teen Tournament and the Tournament of Champions finished last week, and that they usually do not rerun just general shows during the summer on weekdays.

I wish we could see three more episodes older than four years old considering the fact that GSN doesn’t want to air any older seasons anymore. Also three of the selections are also on the DVD set (#1, #4657, #4658; although airing the first show makes sense considering what an obvious milestone it is). But I’m glad they decided to do something a little special and it’s not often an episode from the 1980’s is rerun these days. It’ll be exciting to look back at one of the episodes featuring blind contestant Eddie Timanus.

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