Saturday, September 26, 2009

ATWT: Tell Him, Luke

Wednesday, September 23rd:

It’s really insane. So Meg has the information needed to bust Damian, and I still hate her ass. Go figure. It’s one thing to be upset with the fact that Damian screwed around with someone else behind her back, but girlfriend is just being way too holier-than-thou and with her it’s also pretty much “ha-ha, I know more than you!” and it comes off as very classless and bitchy. And none of this concerns Luke? Um, yeah, no.

And as for Damian… I’m sure he didn’t intend to have it happen, but he totally used getting shot to his advantage. And he managed to lie himself out of the mess he got into with Luke. So I’m pretty sure soon enough Luke will be hating Damian all over again in the end. That’s classic Damian.

Holden and Maeve… oh dear. Getting to know each other is nice, but all that time yakking could have been time spent escaping. The good thing though is that lead into some decent suspense.

Thursday, September 24th:

I can definitely see why Noah was upset with Luke. Not only has something big happened in Luke’s life, but it was also easily possibly the end of Luke’s life, and the love of his life had no earthly idea. If I had a partner who did that, even if it wasn’t done maliciously, I would not be happy either. As Noah so eloquently put, with them, it is their life. And this was definitely a big deal.

Oh, Mason. You just know on the inside he totally lit up like a Christmas tree when he heard that Noah and Luke got into the argument. I can seriously imagine him happily getting the DVDs he needed to get. Yeah, sorry, buddy. You ain’t getting any tonight.

On another note… it was so nice seeing Maddie again. The REAL Maddie. The Maddie I am sure knows for a fact that Noah Mayer is gay and won’t stir any ire in Luke and make him jealous like in December (what the HELL was that, show?). And I have no sympathy whatsoever for Adam. Period. And wow, Tom changed his tune fast on that subject, didn’t he?

This actually was a really good day and a pretty good four days overall. It’s really nice to have a bit more of a character driven story. It’s definitely character driven, because this is not the first time where something major has happened in Luke’s life and he for some reason didn’t tell Noah, or didn't tell him first (also see the school election). And the dialogue during the argument scene was very nice. There’s also the fact that Luke was on four… *gasps* FOUR days. That doesn’t happen too much at all.

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