Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Catch 21: Labor Day Marathon FAIL Moment

Nothing much was on here Monday obviously due to it being the holiday, so since I don’t watch Catch 21 that much I figured this would be a good opportunity to watch a few episodes. And one of the episodes I saw later in the afternoon… oh, boy.

Luckilly, I see someone has uploaded it to YouTube, because here’s one moment with this show in the beginning that I will probably not forget in a very long time. And then there's the end game.

If I had seen this originally, I for sure would have included it in my “Other FAIL Moments/What Were They Thinking?“ entry for the Online Pick of the Week. Now I’ll admit it right now, I am by no means a math expert or scholar of any kind. But the premise of this game is pretty easy. Answer a question correctly, decide whether or not to keep a card, and in the process, add up to 21 without going over. And 13+8 = 21. That's just common knowledge.

And then watching her play the bonus round was maddening. How could she not realize that she could have walked away in the end? My God. It's so obvious that the contestant coordinators didn’t do a good job at getting someone who knows how the show works.

I realize that every good contestant is going to goof up in some form, but this was just beyond ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

I see so many bad execution of the bonus game in the two seasons aired. It's as if the contestant doesn't realize that we're playing with standard decks, and THERE ARE ONLY FOUR ACES in the whole deck.

Wish I could say to them: "Don't stand there with three TEN counts and power chip decent cards (which commonly find its match later in the end game), thinking you're going to find aces."