Monday, June 28, 2010

ATWT: Worst Tribute Ever

For a show ending after 54 years, there sure wasn't much to go out on during tonight's Daytime Emmy telecast. As The World Turns has been on nearly five and a half decades, and all it gets is 45 seconds? You have got to be kidding me. The show's slumped quality wise over the past 3 years, but this is still a legendary show that's leaving the airwaves this fall. Many memorable moments took place with multi-generational characters like the Hughes and Snyders, and a number of actors got their careers started with working on this show. This was not the way to pay homage to a show with such a rich history.

I think the worst part of it all though is that there was no mention of Helen Wagner's passing. Not one. There were a couple highlights for me, seeing '80's Holden and Lily (for two seconds) and Luke and Noah's first kiss, but still, this was the sorriest tribute I have ever watched in my life. And I thought Guiding Light's tribute was bad, but at least that lasted at least one full minute. It was as if this was slapped together at the last second so they could rush on with the rest of the show. Way to fail, CBS.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Online Pick of the Week (6/25): Ellen (the sitcom)

With Pride Month soon coming to a close, I thought it’d be a good time to pick something that flows within that theme.

The date was April 30, 1997. The show was Ellen (that’s Ellen, the ‘90’s sitcom) and the groundbreaking two-parter in which both the character Ellen Morgan, as well as the comedienne herself, came out to her viewing audience. The character struggles with the notion of doing so, but in the process it winds up being one of the funniest coming out moments ever on television.

A number of great guest stars appeared on this episode. They would include Laura Dern who played Ellen‘s love interest, Billy Bob Thornton who appears in her dream, Melissa Etheridge, k.d. lang, and Oprah Winfrey, who played her therapist. Not only was this two-parter well done, but the next several episodes that followed were done so as well. Some of which included “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah,” which dealt with Ellen coming out to her parents. “Moving On” focused on issues with her friend Paige’s handling of Ellen’s revelation as well as her boss, Ed.

There were problems like threats from advertisers and sadly some viewer backlash, and Laura Dern said that she couldn’t find work for a year after doing the episode. But in spite of that, the episode was the highest rated of the series and was a huge success. It has been noted that many people have watched the show and were inspired to come out to their own families afterwards. It’s interesting to see how things have evolved. The episodes and all the ones preceding it aired on ABC with lame parental warnings at the beginning of every episode. However 10 years later, the show was in reruns full-swing on Oxygen and it was rated TV-G.

The Ellen season 4 two-parter, “The Puppy Episode”, my online pick of the week!

More Greatness from Shout!

Bunker fans rejoice! Shout! Factory has done it again! 2010 continues to prove to be a great year for TV shows on DVD as it looks as though we’ll finally see the groundbreaking 1970's series All in the Family moving forward towards on DVD after all after three long years! reports that October 5th will be the date for release. I don’t know about anyone else, but this gives me good thoughts about not only the continuations of All in the Family, but possibly The Jeffersons and Maude too. Oh, and let’s not forget Archie Bunker’s Place as well. It could happen.

It's sad that Sony couldn't finish an iconic show like this. So glad for a company like Shout! Factory.

ATWT: More Luke/Reid Pimping… Sigh.

Tuesday, June 22nd:
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Today was interesting. Before it was Noah's turn to be pissed off with Reid during an important meeting with the Invicta woman. This time it's Luke's. Reid's hypocrisy shows again. He had no problem parading himself as the greatest brain surgeon ever when he came to Oakdale, but when someone else does it, he shows disdain. Oh my, Reid Oliver.

It was nice seeing Luke and Noah bond over history. The teasing over the Z-twins stuff was cute. Though the only bad part about it is that the writers didn't get it right! Do they not remember their own storylines? Luke didn't see Noah kiss Zac. Noah told him and Luke dismissed it as if it was nothing.

Wednesday, June 23rd:

I was so glad to see Noah stand up for himself. And it pained me to see Noah do what he did for Luke and Reid (and it also annoyed the living daylights out of me because now even NOAH of all people is pimping Luke/Reid!), but in the end, it just goes to show how selfless he is. Selfish brat, my ass.

Today pointed out again why I have such a problem with the Reid character. Such little balance in the way the man is written. They write him as nasty or as ridiculous as can be and then they try to erase it all by having him hug a pillow or work on a teddy bear? Sorry, show, not buying it. More needs to come out of Reid before I can ever truly like him.

Also, again, if Reid's going to get butt hurt every time Luke and Noah simply talk to each other, then it just goes to show that things aren't going to end well between them. He knows Luke still has an emotional attraction to Noah. I can't say I'd be that sad if he ends up heartbroken by the end of this. He knows what the stakes are.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Online Pick of the Week (6/18): Perry Mason

This pick is a good one for fans of the late actor, singer, and game show host Bert Convy, who’s perhaps best known for his hosting jobs on Tattletales, Super Password, and Win Lose or Draw. But before hosting shows (and also during that time), he did a number of acting roles. Mainly guest stints on series such as Bewitched and Mary Tyler Moore.

If you're a fan of his game show work but haven’t seen him on other shows and have always wanted to see him act, this is a pretty good treat. It is one of his earliest acting roles; as Mr. Harry Thompson on a 1960 episode of the CBS series Perry Mason, which starred the late Raymond Burr. Here, Bert’s character is defended by Perry when he is accused of murder. It’s interesting seeing Bert play a dramatic role, a far different contrast from his other main work.

Bert Convy on Perry Mason… my online pick of the week!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ATWT: What Relationship?

Thursday, June 17th:

World Turns,
writers, I have a question. In what time have Luke and Reid actually been in a relationship? Because while Luke and Reid have kissed three times, played a game of chess and rode a mechanical bull, nowhere in absolutely any of that have they in any form established some sort of relationship. This is one of many examples as to why it is not okay to overpower the direction of a storyline with plot points instead of character motivation.

It also shows one other thing that bugs the living daylights out of me when it comes to this story, and I know it’s a re-elaboration, but I have to put it out there again. From the story’s standpoint, we know that Reid is emotionally distant. But the big problem is that we don’t know why. There’s no establishment of Reid having, say, a rough childhood, a past good relationship gone sour, or any sort of severe past traumatizing event which would poison the way someone handles a relationship and make them be more reluctant to open up and start anew with someone else. It has been put out there that Noah had an emotionless childhood with a horrible father, so even if I don’t like the way Noah handles himself in a relationship, the show gives at least a reason for the behavior. On the other hand, each time Reid is jerky to Luke, it makes him come across as just that… a jerk. And unsympathetic to a number of people. If they expect me to like the guy, then they really need to delve into the inside of Reid, give him some layers, and elaborate more on the guy’s past or something, because they’ve pretty much written him as 90% ass and 10% emotion. And unless this changes for the better, I’m not going to be feeling too bad for Reid when he lashes out and clams up.

I love you, Luke Snyder, but I’m not a fan of the clinginess and the neediness. At this point it makes no sense whatsoever to expect Reid to “fight” for a non-existant "relationship" in which he’s known the other guy for a mere few months, and in much of that time, they didn't even like each other. Example #1375 why plot should NOT control a soap storyline.

On one last note, Noah is MIA again, thrown under the bus for the new character to be pimped. Boo. Hiss.

TPIR: Rat Race

I think this is a pretty good game. The set up is really nice. The race track looks slick and flashy
enough but not too flashy. I've disliked the way some recent color sets with some games have looked, like Clock Game during the last years of the Barker-era set, because the neon colors really didn't flow. But looks wise, everything fits here.

As for the most important part, the game itself, the competition element with the rats reminds me just a tad bit of Hurdles; which I loved while seeing it played during classic reruns. It’s a shame that one didn’t work properly enough. The good thing though is that with the way this game is built, we shouldn’t have this kind of problem. Definitely one of the better newer pricing games.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Online Pick of the Week (6/11): Liar’s Club

I had heard that the newest GSN original Late Night Liars seemed to be based on an older show, called Liar’s Club, which ran during the following years: 1969, 1976-79, and 1988-89, so I thought I’d scour YouTube and check some clips out.

It’s a pretty unique series. It takes rather odd looking objects, and the strange stories of it from four celebrity panelists. The four players have to determine and bet on which star is correct.

In watching rounds of this show, it really proves why I’d rather see human panelists on a show like Late Night Liars because the humor from it all is going to come more naturally with a game show that way than relying on pre-written jokes.

Liar’s Club… my online pick of the week!

Late Night Liars: Debut

GSN debuted a new game show this week, which features the panel show format of yesterday and Jim Henson’s Muppets (no Kermit or Miss Piggy to be had here, though).

The object of the game is relatively simple… find out which Muppet is lying. The scoring system for this show is odd, and it's pretty much just based on humor (i.e. 513 being the sidekick weasel's new social security number). But in spite of that randomness, I do like the game. It comes across as fun to play along with and the bonus game is clever to me and very fast-paced.

I wasn't blown away by Larry Miller's hosting but I do think that he has the potential to improve overtime.

Overall I'd rather see a panel game with human panelists but this is a pretty decent show. I wouldn't put it under the rank of OMGMUSTWATCHNOW but at the same time, it's such a serious step up from trainwrecks like Unstapled and Hidden Agenda it's not even funny. I would totally recommend this for at least a random watch.

New episodes air Thursdays at 11:00 pm eastern but they're rerunning the hell out of it on weekends already so if you really wanted to sample the show you couldn't possibly miss it if you tried.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

ATWT: As The Hypocrisy Burns

Wednesday, June 9th:

Or as I also like to refer to this episode… “Noah Said Knock You Out… The Redux.”


Because a still screen grab just does not do it justice.

I’m sorry, but Reid coming off as Luke’s biggest defender is laughable. This self-righteous speech to Noah is coming from the same person who has treated Luke like garbage most of the time over the past 5 months. Hell, just last week, Reid’s final scene of the day with him featured him insulting Luke. And the spoiled comment is REALLY a joke considering I have not heard one thank you towards Luke for helping him out with the malpractice business.

This guy has been a grade A dick to anyone he feels like it whenever he wants (to Luke, Noah, Bob, Kim, Carly, Lily, Chris, Casey, Ali) so for him to call anyone rude, spoiled, or any such names is off the charts hypocritical. It’s like if Nicole Richie belittled someone else for being too skinny.

Reid had this punch coming for a long time and I sure as hell enjoyed it. No, Dr. Reid “I-Don’t-Get-Involved-In-My-Patient’s-Personal-Lives” Oliver, you can’t be a jackass every time things don’t go your way and expect people to just let it go. And your presumptuous attitude at that meeting and with Bob was not one bit flattering.

Luke… I love you, but you’re getting on my nerves lately. You can’t just string both guys along! I’d assume if this show were produced by an outlet like Falcon Studios, both would not be a problem, but considering it’s produced by the people that bring us Tide and Pringles, this isn’t going to be the case. It’s also pretty frigging hilarious that Luke can be jealous of Maddie (and we’re talking during post-out Noah days, folks), Mason, and Richard but when Noah is upset with this whole Reid situation it’s supposed to be brushed over and gotten over with. It’s as if Reid and Luke can do no wrong and it’s ridiculous. All three characters are flawed.

Also, for God’s sake, the writers on this show flip flop this break-up business more than pancakes at the IHOP! It’s gotten far past ridiculous. LUKE broke up with NOAH. On March 16, 2010. PERIOD. I’m tired of it changing every other episode. Do the writers not watch their own show? I’ll gladly point them to the YouTube video posted on multiple accounts so they can see what they themselves actually wrote.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Online Pick of the Week (6/4): The Golden Girls

There are so many memorable Blanche-centered episodes of The Golden Girls. “Adult Education,” “End of the Curse,” “Scared Straight” … I can go on and on. But one that stands out for me the most is this episode from the final season, “Room 7.”

In it, Sophia sees her late husband Sal in heaven in an out of life experience while choking on a piece of candy. Also Blanche is devastated that her grandmother’s plantation in Atlanta is being torn down. She and the girls go with her to Atlanta to visit it. But when they arrive, she chains herself to the radiator.

This episode is really one of the most heartfelt and touching ones out of the whole series. I love how Blanche has such a soft spot for her hometown, and her family, and especially here, her grandmother. It's very hard for her to let go.

The Golden Girls; season 7, episode 11: "Room 7." My online pick of the week!

Remembering Rue McClanahan

I was so incredibly heartbroken when I found out yesterday that the legendary actress Rue McClanahan had passed away due to a massive stroke. She was 76.

Of course, Rue was best known for her role as Southern and man crazy Blanche Hollingsworth Deveraux on the long running NBC hit The Golden Girls. One of my favorite things about The Golden Girls was that it showed very well that just because you reach a certain age that it does not mean you can still live a very full and engaging life. Blanche’s character was one of the biggest examples of this in my opinion.

Rue was also talented in all of her other acting jobs as well. I’ve recently gotten into Maude after sampling episodes on YouTube and getting the first season on DVD, and she did so well as Vivian, who was Maude’s absentminded but lovable neighbor and friend. Mama’s Family had another good role for her during the NBC years of the series, as Aunt Fran.

Can’t believe that we only have one surviving Golden Girl. It just hurts my heart.

ATWT: Awkward Dinner Party

Thursday, June 3rd:

I loved how Noah pointed out how grateful and appreciative he is for everything Luke's family has done for him. I really wish we could have more Noah and Lily scenes. I don't know about anyone else but I'm still waiting for a heartfelt apology from Reid to Luke for all the Richie Rich and rich family insults. Because unless that happens, I'm going to see Reid as nothing but a hypocrite for constantly bashing the idea of Luke having convenient access to money only for him to quickly change his tune when he needs said advantage to work in his favor. That could be one thing to get me to like him at least a little.

And Reid was really pissing me off with his attitude. It’s not like Luke and Noah were upstairs doing anything other than having a conversation. What Reid doesn’t get is that ending a long-term relationship is very hurtful for Luke. The attitude also makes me wonder what could happen down the line if a relationship between Luke and Reid were to end. Knowing Reid, it’d probably be just as bitter or even moreso than what we saw today. I was so happy to see Luke throw McBitchy out. I really wonder what Luke sees in him.

ATWT: A Kiss is SO NOT Just a Kiss

Friday, May 28th:

I’m a little bothered with Reid being so cool with Noah while knowing the fact that he’s insisting he keeps Luke’s attraction to him a secret and making woobie eyes at him.

I also want to bop Noah for his resistance. Of course Luke would want you to call him, Noah! The only reason why he’s not calling Luke at this point is because he feels defeated. What I couldn’t help but notice is that if Noah had actually called Luke like he wanted to then Reid wouldn’t have even been in the picture later. I’m sorry, but REBOUND.

Monday, May 31st:

Luke couldn't B.S. his way out of a paper bag. I don't blame Noah for being upset with him. They are broken up, and each of them have the right to be with someone else. But Luke and Noah regardless of where they are romantically are supposed to be friends. And a good friend would not string Noah along like Luke has done all the while he's had feelings for Reid. Noah's shown many signs that he wants to get back together, and has asked a number of times if there's more between him and Reid. Luke said no in each instance. And that was wrong.

I'll gladly admit that I have my problems with Reid, but I don't blame him for throwing Luke out at the end of today's show. Luke's every move with Reid is based on what Noah does or does not do. It's hilarious. Noah's "date" with Richard? Luke's in a huff and is off to Texas with him. Luke goes over to confront Reid about the potential problems with Noah's surgery? They kiss. Noah doesn't call Luke when he leaves the hospital? Reid comes over and they kiss again.
Noah tells Luke it's over at Yo's? BAM! Luke goes to see Reid!

Luke and Reid have feelings for one another, but their entire relationship is tainted because of Luke's feelings and love for Noah. Luke is still in love with Noah and is far from over him.