Friday, September 18, 2009

GL: Series Finale and Reflections, Part One

I have decided to split this entry into two: one part will cover my thoughts on the actual ending of the show dialogue-wise and the other will be my thoughts on the actual cancellation.

I’ve hated Alan Spaulding so much over the years, but his death was done so uniquely well in ties with the Phillip storyline that in all my time of watching this character, I never thought I’d be sad to see him actually die.

It’s nice seeing all these favorites again. And I am glad that over the past couple of years that they decided to give Remy something to do instead of just being angry all the time. I know Tammy’s death was sad, but geez. I really loved Billy and Vanessa’s wedding, and then they made it a double wedding for Buzz and Lillian. Very spur of the moment. No Olivia/Natalia reunion kiss? Grr.

Although it’s odd that Jeffrey disappeared with no explanation whatsoever, I was happier than ever to see Josh and Reva reunite. I like Jeffrey too, but with all the history these two characters have, there would have been no good excuse period to not bring these two back together.

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