Saturday, September 5, 2009

ATWT: Post-Hollywood Noah

Thursday, September 3rd:

I wanted to just laugh at the episode information for this show, in which one of the bullet points said “Mason’s constant presence bothers Luke.” His constant presence? “Constant,” show, really? I’ll admit, I’m one of the ones that would enjoy a good triangle if it were played out right. Important things like showing Luke and Noah being more affectionate (also more so in a BED, you know, Goutman, the thing you lie down on to go to sleep with every night?) need to be put into play. Showing the third party character as well as the main couple more than 10 minutes a week also helps. And also for it to work, I’d think Luke’s ire should be drawn over something a bit more than a hug. Come on, show, it’s been over one month now. I should have more of an opinion on Mason by now.

Wishy-washy Luke kind of got to me a little bit. Noah made it pretty clear more than once that he would have stayed in town for Holden’s funeral. Although it was so nice hearing Noah talk about how Luke is the love of his life, and I‘m glad he toned down the excitement level about his trip considering the circumstances.

The two hillbilly characters keeping our not-so-dearly departed Holden are something else, aren’t they? Not to mention ol’ Eb got up off the ground pretty quick after being hit in the back rather hard with a shovel. And he was hit in the back so he’s bleeding from his head. Um, okay. I’m guessing he either hit an imaginary rock like Lily did a few months back after Zoe or it’s just another installment of musical injuries! The fun game in which you’ll never know where the pain will be next! Seriously, Josh Griffith can’t get here fast enough to hopefully change this continuity problem. I’m convinced no one else can do worse than this.

Oh and as for Meg and her usual whining? In the words of Travis Tritt: “here’s a quarter (*tosses coin*), call someone who cares.”

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