Sunday, September 27, 2009

Online Pick of the Week (9/25): Glee

I had intended to review the pilot episode but I somehow managed to miss both airings of it…. ack! Anyway, I started watching from the second episode and I was instantly hooked. This show has many fun and enjoyable characters. Jane Lynch plays bitchy quite well as Sue, the cheerleading captain. It is also well written and acted. Matthew Morrison shines as the glee club director. The kids are great too, I think so far my favorite is definitely Mercedes.

I have had my reservations about watching new shows on Fox over the past several years… too many favorite shows of mine have been cancelled too quickly (see Boston Public, Wanda at Large, Titus)… and while I was not a fan of Terminator: The Sarah Chronicles, it really seemed to me from what I heard about it, that it was another instance of Fox cancelling a show with potential too early. But in hearing how well Glee was doing I was much less scared to give it a try and I am glad I did. Not too often am I hooked on a newer show after just one sitting.

The clip this week comes from an episode which aired last week, which features the football dancing to “Single Ladies.” You know, at this point I don’t know what’s better, the song itself or the imitations that have come from it. This is the type of hilarity worth seeing every time it airs.

Glee… my online pick of the week!

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