Monday, February 23, 2009

ATWT: Sponsored By The Letter M

Monday, February 23rd:

Since everyone is yelling at Luke today, I think I will chime in too. LUKE SNYDER, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?! Now I agree completely with anyone who say Luke is taking this too far. Seriously, getting Elwood’s backpack? That is just borderline creepy. I imagine losing Reg was hard, but it’s time to move on and stop being reckless.

Loved snarky and sarcastic Noah today. Out of him, Casey and Luke, he was the only one being rational and making any sense. Casey and Luke have good intentions, but they serve them out like chuckleheads.

It was finally nice seeing Holden being a parent again, although the yelling is just going to make Luke go in the other direction. Luke’s just being a brat, not to mention disrespectful; not only to Holden and Lily, but also Noah. And Luke telling Noah that he didn’t know him all along is just insane. What happened from the Luke and Noah that just got back together to the Luke and Noah now? It’s like Luke is right back from where we started back during the election. Where is the character development, a staple of the soap genre?

All these Damian mentions… yeah, writers, because that is so *NOT* foreshadowing. *rolleyes*

ATWT: Luke the Private Eye

Thursday, February 12th:

Casey, do you EVER have sex in your own bed? Seeing him and Jade just makes me want to see Luke and Noah in bed with no one knocking at the door. There are SO many things wrong with this “plant drugs in Elwood’s bag” plan.

Thursday, February 19th:

It would have been really nice if we could have actually seen Reg’s funeral. There are folks out there who think Luke is overreacting to this, and it’s like I agree and disagree with the sentiment. I disagree, because well, Luke and Reg were friends and didn‘t just seem to be mere acquaintances. Half of me agrees however, because this show devoted such little screen time towards Reg, and this is yet another one of those situations where more airtime towards Luke and Noah would have definitely benefited. And Luke is being rather reckless.

Luke, you’re a sweetheart who wants to make sure Reg’s death does not go in vain, but breaking and entering? Yeah, not such a good idea. Funny how Luke was brought into the police station with no handcuffs. And wow, Elwood, not scared of Luke? You could have fooled me when he grabbed you earlier in the episode. You looked like you were about to piss yourself. And saying stuff similar to the lines of “you can’t catch me, you have no evidence,” especially in front of a cop (I know, I know, Oakdale’s police department is one stepping stone away from being the equivalent of the Keystone Cops, but still) is pretty stupid.

Loved Luke’s “eww” face when he got into Elwood’s room. And, shocker! Noah had a scene with other people besides Luke! How many people thought that after the police station, Noah would have been gone for the rest of the episode? And Noah’s so rational and a great boyfriend in this. Also loved that they share a bank account.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

GSN’s March Schedule: Reaction

I’m both very excited and rather disappointed at the same time when it comes to this; such conflicting feelings.

I’m ever so joyful concerning the news about Pyramid. Seriously, favorite game show ever. And if it’s going to be on a lot, they might as well diversify the airings. You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to seeing more of the $25,000 version. I’ve never had GSN when that era aired on a regular basis. Although I am disappointed to see Press Your Luck leave. But at the same time… the hour of Let’s Make a Deal and ‘80’s Pyramid sounds like a GREAT hour of television. And I love that $100,000 is coming back too (I’ll love it even more if it’s season 1, that’ll DEFINITELY be squee-worthy news, let me tell you), but I’m so disappointed that it’s replacing Jim Perry’s Card Sharks. The finale was only months away, and the 1980-81 era is what I consider to be some of the best years of the show. And this is the third time Eubanks’ version has started over, only for it to be removed. Not the biggest fan of that era, but wow. LOVE that Hollywood Squares is coming back. And I’m about 97% positive it’s Bergeron’s.

After the fan reaction of it being removed in 2006, I’ll bet What’s My Line? will be one of the first Goodson-Todman shows to return. That show came back QUICK then, even if it was only on early Monday morning duty for a long while. And I wouldn’t be surprised this time if said return was rather speedy also, even if rights have to be re-negotiated.

I’m getting sick of Family Feud on GSN right now. The only reasons why I’ve been truly excited about the show on GSN lately are because there were a few memorable episodes on the Valentine’s Day marathon, Rod Roddy sub-announced on the ABC shows that aired two weeks ago, and over the course of the next two weeks, Dawson and Combs Feuds will be having all-star episodes. Combs’ version is the only one right now I really even try to watch on a regular basis. And while it’ll be nice having Match Game PM back, I just hope I don’t eventually tire of Match Game as I pretty much have with Feud.

So basically, you take the good (Dick Clark’s Pyramid, Password, and Hollywood Squares coming), you take the bad (What’s My Line?, Press Your Luck, and Card Sharks going), you take them both, and there you have GSN’s latest schedule change.

GSN’s March Schedule: Overview

Since this next schedule overhaul is way too big to include both the schedule and my thoughts, I will be splitting this entry in half. The first half will be the schedule, the second half will have my reaction to it.

Here’s the schedule, it starts March 30; changes listed only:

9:30 am Match Game PM (syndie 1975-81, replaces Card Sharks (CBS 1986-89))
11:30 am The $25,000 Pyramid (CBS 1982-88, replaces Press Your Luck)
1:00 pm The $100,000 Pyramid (syndie 1985-88, replaces Card Sharks (NBC 1978-81))
3:00 pm Hollywood Squares (most likely syndie 1998-2004, replaces To Tell The Truth (syndie 2002-02))
1:30 am Hollywood Squares (most likely syndie 1998-2004, replaces Wheel of Fortune (syndie 1994-95 season))
2:00 am The $25,000 Pyramid (CBS 1982-88, replaces Family Feud (syndie, O'Hurley, 2006-Present))
2:30 am The $100,000 Pyramid (syndie 1985-88, replaces Match Game (CBS 1973-79))

9:00 am Match Game (syndie 1979-82, replaces Card Sharks (CBS 1986-89))
9:30 am Password Plus (NBC 1979-82, replaces Card Sharks (NBC 1978-81))
10:00 am Super Password (NBC 1984-89, replaces Blockbusters (NBC 1987))
10:30 am Family Feud (Dawson, replaces Child’s Play)
11:00 am Whammy! (GSN 2002-03, replaces Match Game (syndie 1979-82))
11:30 am Chain Reaction (most likely GSN 2006, replaces Password Plus (NBC 1979-82))
NOON Let’s Make A Deal (syndie 1971-77, replaces Whammy! (GSN 2002-03))
12:30 pm Hollywood Squares (most likely syndie 1998-2004, replaces Press Your Luck)
1:00 pm Lingo (GSN 2002-2007, replaces Let’s Make A Deal (syndie 1971-77))
2:30 pm Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (syndie 2002-present, replaces Chain Reaction (GSN 2006))
2:00 am Dog Eat Dog (replaces To Tell The Truth (syndie 2000-02))

3:00 am Family Feud (Dawson, replaces What’s My Line? (CBS 1950-67))
3:30 am Password (replaces To Tell The Truth (CBS Nighttime))

Thursday, February 19, 2009

GSN: Black and White Overnight Policy

From this post here, it looks like what everyone thought has been confirmed, yet again.

Okay, please show me the moron who will start smoking after watching a black and white kinescope from more than 50 years old so I can bop them upside the head for being a dumbass. People are too knowledgeable about the dangers of smoking these days to be that stupid. It’s like expecting to see The Secret Storm after watching a Match Game ‘73 rerun, or thinking that you can successfully write in for tickets to see John Daly and the gang in person.

I love how GSN wants to be "family friendly" with shows that air at 3 am, but around the time this decision was first discovered they had no problem rerunning Dog Eat Dog promos which had someone using the phrase "payback's a bitch" over and over. And let's not forget that a commercial for a vibrator airs during this hour. Not to mention they had been running these shows for at least 7-8 years before a decision like this was made.

Don’t get me wrong. I am probably one of the biggest anti-smoking people ever. I am extremely turned off by it, the smell disgusts me, and when my mother tried to start, I basically annoyed her out of the habit. I love and have an interest in old shows as much as the next person, and while I look at 1970’s programs and envy the people who wear bell bottom jeans and platform shoes (yes, I know I have weird fashion taste), there’s a pretty good chance I’m not going to model my life based on something I saw on television, and said chance increases if the shows in question are this old. If we can watch panelists smoke on these programs like chimneys, as well as see Richard Dawson and Charles Nelson Reilly smoke regularly on Match Game reruns during the day with no problem, then showing a program featuring a box of cigarettes or a Marlboro logo on a desk shouldn’t make anyone start to smoke either.

I refuse to believe an impressionable young child will either a) be up at 3 am to begin with, or b) watch a show like this with interest and decide to pick up the nearest cigarette or pipe, kick back, and have a smoke. That is just ridiculous.

Also, GSN, way to go on limiting your own library even more. There are years of Cullen Price is Right that we can’t see thanks to CBS; now there are plenty of good years of I’ve Got A Secret, To Tell The Truth, and Two for the Money that will probably not see the light again.

I’m not attacking the moderator (thanks for the response), but I disagree with this decision and I always will.

Monday, February 16, 2009

DVD news: Designing Women season 1

Finally! Nearly 6 full years after Sony released a 5 episode best of set, Shout! Factory will be releasing season one of Designing Women on DVD!

I can only imagine the good that can come out of this. I’m sure a syndicated copy of an episode won’t manage to slink its way in this release. Any music clearances shouldn’t be an issue. And then there’s the extras; there’ll be more that I’m sure Sony would have never even thought of. That box art looks absolutely stunning. Also, let’s hope all the cast can get together for a reunion.

I don’t know why Sony never did this to begin with, and I can surely only hope they will do this with its other series, especially the ones that are already partly out but haven’t been continued in several years; i.e. Facts of Life, Diff‘rent Strokes, The Jeffersons, etc. It really is the best way to go if they don’t want to release more of these shows, or if they don‘t want to do it in a timely manner. I’m sure they’ll make a pretty penny continuing to lease out to companies like Shout! and fans will get their favorite shows released on DVD, complete and in a reasonable amount of time. Everyone wins.

I’ve always found seasons 3-5 to be the best years of the show, but I’ll definitely be adding season 1 to my want list.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ATWT: Livin’ In Fast Forward

Wednesday, February 11th:

Wow. Today was another perfect example of how the pacing on this show needs some serious work. When Paul, Meg, and Dusty are on, a story of theirs will take MONTHS while Luke and Noah’s events go by at warp speed.

Let’s just look at all that happened during the course of today. Luke and Noah plan a surprise birthday party for Casey, Jade gets Casey to come, the party starts, Elwood shows up out of nowhere and a drug deal takes place. Following that, a near brawl ensues after Elwood makes smartass comments towards Casey. Reg overdoses, Reg dies, Luke and Noah find pills, Casey and Jade do it, Luke confronts Elwood in Old Towne… all this in less than one hour. That is just WAY too much to digest in one day. Would it have killed them to at least extend this out during the course of two or three days if not a week?

Oh, and I hope I never need to be admitted to Oakdale Hospital. Barely anything was done when Reg was taken there. And he was on, for what, all of three minutes before he died? Why so damn fast? And I really don't like that Reg was the one to die. Even if he wasn’t used much, there could have been some good potential with him in Luke and Noah’s story. I would have not liked seeing Reg die regardless, but this could have gotten off to a really good start if this show knew a thing or two about balance and storytelling in the proper speed.

And the other straight couples on today spend more than half of the show having sex recycling the same old "I want a baby" mess while Luke and Noah's good friend DIES? Yippee. Sorry, Jean Passanante, no cookie for you.

ATWT: Filler Friday

Friday, February 6th:

Okay, we have the good… well, Luke and Noah being on was a pretty nice surprise even though it was obviously filler.

The not so good… there are some MAJOR mistakes with today’s dialogue. The idea of money being an issue is ridiculous. With Luke, he has money out the wazoo thanks to trust funds, and Noah has a job. If Will and Gwen can find their own place at friggin’ 17, Luke and Noah surely can find a place. Not to mention Luke’s mom owns the Lakeview! And what happened to Noah’s truck? Now it’s like he doesn’t even have a car. And the biggest mistake… it’s always been that Noah wants him and Luke to move into a place of their own; now all of a sudden it’s the other way around without any explanation.
A surprise of Luke and Noah is really nice, but seriously, writers, how hard is it to do some quick research on what YOU yourselves have recently written?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DVD news: Mary Tyler Moore and Supernatural

Here’s news on the Mary Tyler Moore spring release. Now don’t get me wrong, Mary Tyler Moore is my favorite show ever and I am more than happy to see Fox be devoted to releasing the rest of the series and fulfilling the promise they made to us fans several months ago. But I REALLY hope they also release individual season sets as well as possibly releasing a complete series package. There are people who have already bought earlier seasons and shouldn’t have to re-buy seasons of the show they’ve already got in order to get the last three. Come on, Fox, please don’t piss off a bunch of people by not considering other ways to release the show besides one complete series set. And I hope the same doesn’t possibly happen with the final two seasons of The Bob Newhart Show and the rest of Newhart if they are ever released.

Meanwhile, I like the season 4 artwork for Supernatural, or what’s known as the possible artwork. If it is, I’m surprised it leaked so soon considering the latest season is not released until at least September. Castiel has been a big important part of this season so I’m not surprised to see Misha Collins on the cover. And Jensen and Jared are looking good, as usual.

ATWT: Luke and the Teen Set

Wednesday, January 28th:

Wow, this really wasn’t that enjoyable at all. We just left off previously with one of the most memorable and historic moments in daytime history, and we have with this silly relationship mess with Casey, Jade, and Alison? Noah is not on at ALL? Boo, hiss. Very disappointing.

Monday, February 2nd:

Don’t get me wrong. I like that Luke is interacting with other people in the young set, but this story is ridiculous. Are Alison and Casey 9 years old? These games that are being played are just silly and childish. I really hope that Matt is not going to be used for potentially ANOTHER storyline involving Alison being wishy-washy between two men. And we also have typical Emily being a bitch. Nothing new there. It’s just too funny that she wants to call someone else out on their supposed manipulations. Um, Emily, girlfriend, I think someone needs to take a look in the mirror. And I’m beyond tired of Noah just being an afterthought. On the upside… hmm, well… uh, wow… Luke did look pretty today.