Saturday, September 19, 2009

Online Pick of the Week (9/18): Guiding Light Farewell Tribute

Another Guiding Light related post for the end of this week: a brilliantly done tribute has been posted on YouTube by user FebWriter, which does an excellent job at looking back at some of the many memorable moments that the fictional city of Springfield has endured.

It honestly has to be the best tribute to this show that I have seen all year. As much as I enjoyed seeing Betty White introduce the tribute done at the Daytime Emmys this year, the tribute in itself was pretty pathetic. With tens of thousands of episodes and such a huge legacy, there was no reason why there should have been such a short tribute.

It is separated into nine parts. The memorable moments one is really one of my favorites out of them all. I was not old enough to see Bert Bauer firsthand, but in seeing many of the older episodes and moments like what is first featured with her and Josh, it is very evident to see what a big impact she had on the show’s fans. Celebrations is another favorite. That really lightens the mood, I think.

They are all there: Memorable Moments, In Loving Memory, Friendships, Weddings, Couples, Villains, Celebration, and Legacy.

This amazingly done tribute to the longest running television series ever, my online pick of the week!

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Michael F said...

Guiding Light has been around for so many years, and I know fans are sad and are going to miss it.

I used to watch it several years ago on a regular basis, but then things came up, and I got away from watching soaps for a while.

I can't believe it's gone now. Soaps have come and gone, but the long-lasting Guiding Light was one of the best.