Saturday, January 24, 2009

In Memoriam: Ricardo Montalban and Steven Gilborn

It’s January 2009 and we’ve already lost two celebrities of the television world.

One being the star of Fantasy Island, one of the many Aaron Spelling classics which ran from 1978-84 on ABC, Ricardo Montalban. I wish I had gotten to see more of this on TVLand back when they actually had some sort of variety, but I did like his performance on it. Who can forget his famous line “My dear guests, I am Mr. Roarke, your host. Welcome to Fantasy Island!”? Also, Star Trek fans may remember him as Khan Noonien. He was 88.

The second one, Steven Gilborn, most would probably remember best as Ellen’s dad Harold on her 1994-98 sitcom, Ellen on ABC. I checked some of his other work, which was primarily guest shots on other series. Fans of The Wonder Years may remember him as Kevin's algebra teacher. He also appeared on NYPD Blue, JAG, and The West Wing. He was 72.

GSN: Upcoming Things From The Vault

Card Sharks this weekend on GSN will have a couple of episodes that are definitely VCR/DVR/TiVo worthy. One being Mark Goodson’s cameo appearance on Bob Eubanks’ version, at 9:00 am on Saturday. Sunday at 9:30 will be the last episode of the Bill Rafferty version. As much as I love it to death, it has had a really nice healthy run on GSN throughout the past nearly 4 years and could use a bit of a rest. And the following weekend on the 31st it will be replaced with the Jim Perry version. So if you’re in need to see the early episodes from 1978, here’s your opportunity.

As a disco lover, I’m personally really excited about next week on Pyramid at 6 PM. We’ll be seeing a couple of episodes of the Disco Week of the show, featuring Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr., Freda Payne, and Joni Sledge!

On February 2, we’ll be seeing the ‘70’s version of Let’s Make A Deal again on weekdays after season 1 of the ‘80’s All-New Let’s Make A Deal has finished. I’m disappointed in this because I’ve really gotten into this version and it’s become a favorite in the Deal franchise and I‘d really like to see the second season, especially the finale with appearances by Joanna Gleason and Jay Stewart; but I do like watching the early 1970’s episodes and it’ll be nice to see some of those again.

February 5 marks the showing of the Password Plus episodes with Jack Narz and from The Young and the Restless, Steven Ford. This last aired around Jack Narz's passing, but if you want to see this week again, there is your chance. It’s a really good one!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

ATWT: What Show Am I Watching?

Wednesday, January 14th:

I just love this so much. Noah continuing to be used more on the show. PLEASE let it continue. It’s finally nice see Jake Silbermann shine more. It’s nice to see more of Noah’s side of things, like what was really needed before.

There’s a big, huge part of me that still hates what Brian did to Luke, Noah, and especially Lucinda. But now the other part of me wants to present him a cake that says “Good for you, you’re gay!” on it. Manipulations and bullying aside, I think practically every gay person can at least relate to the moment where you can actually say the two words “I’m gay” aloud and feel much better for doing so. Although I still think the show should have done a better job making Brian come off as sympathetic and giving him more of a back story, in the end I don’t hate him as much as I did before. But the guy needs help and he needs it now, and I'm glad he'll be getting it.

So let’s take a look at the list of things we have so far. Luke and Noah having hot sex? Check. Noah being used on the show more than just as mere scenery? Check. Luke and Lucinda’s relationship back to normal? Check. Luke and Noah finally still associating with people their own age? Check. All I can say now is FINALLY! There are still major issues I have with the rest of the show which desperately need fixing but please let the good things continue. Again I ask, what show am I watching?

Monday, January 12, 2009

GSN: Newlywed Game Revival

I don’t know how to feel about this. Lately I’ve been trying to have a positive attitude with revivals that are apparently going to be on our screens in the near future, at least reserve judgment before they air, but I am worried about it.

It’s been known that Bob Eubanks will not be hosting it. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing, many new versions of game shows have been made and have been successful with other hosts than the original. But not with this show. I have a feeling that it CAN work, but I just hope the powers that be make a good decision when it comes to picking the host, because it is a fact that all of the non-Eubanks versions of the show have failed. PLEASE pick someone with a good personality. PLEASE pick someone who can interact well with the couples. PLEASE pick someone who has the right level of energy; someone who is not too monotone or someone who acts like they had way too many Red Bulls.

ATWT: Makin' Whoopee

Monday, January 12th:

I can’t believe we’re seeing Noah interact with other people alone yet again. Finally! Including TWO scenes with Lucinda, one with Casey and one with Jade. PLEASE keep this coming. This is one of the things that helped lead to a great reconciliation with true passion.

What’s this? Luke and Noah sex with NO INTERRUPTIONS? Am I dreaming?! As I was seeing it, because of the constant interruptions and delays I would keep saying to myself over and over not to get my hopes up. I was seriously expecting it to get interrupted. Nice to see I was wrong. The hope came back when I saw Noah lock the door. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack as it was playing out. And I honestly didn’t know what to say for at least two hours after I watched it. We didn’t see them in bed; there could have been more shown but there was more than I was expecting. But by the end they were shirtless, just coming out of the shower. All wet. Implied that they both took said shower together. And there were kisses. Many of them. I lost count. I’m sorry, where was I? Oh, yeah. Luke Snyder is no longer a virgin. There’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d type.

ATWT: Locked Out

Thursday, January 8th:

What’s this? Noah having scenes with someone else besides Luke? And not only that, but we actually get to hear HIS side of the break-up for once? Something I’ve waited for practically this whole freakin’ storyline? Oh my God! Seriously, what show am I watching?

It’s about time that Noah called Luke out on his crap. Comparing him to Winston is just seriously childish and immature. Especially considering at one point Luke made sure to point out that Noah is NOT like his father. When people who knew Winston think of him, they think “ultra-conservative, homophobic murderer.” I can see why he’d be hurt. Even though I still think that it’s completely foolish for Luke to be jealous of Maddie, it’s nice to have both guys talk their feelings out, even though if things don’t end up all rosy at the end. Also how adorable are Alison and Casey? Locking them out and then giggling like kids at their success to get them on the roof. They are such Nuke fans! I don’t think I’ll like them as a couple but it’s so nice that they are apart of Luke and Noah’s orbit.

Lucinda is understandably upset with Luke. As much as I want them to be in the happy grandmother/grandson bonding place again, I can see and empathize with her pain. And I’m sure it won’t last.

The stuff seen on today’s episode I really enjoyed. And it’s been the first time in a while where I’ve had interest in the whole episode, not just the Luke and Noah portions. Things like Craig showing up everywhere and Alison and Casey locking Luke and Noah out on the roof to talk about their differences are examples of the little things that make soap watching fun. Things shouldn’t be too rushed. There are supposed to be days where nothing much will happen like today. It’s not supposed to be ALL DRAMAZ ALL DE TIMEZ!!!1. You need a combination of both the little elements and the big elements to make the show really work all the time.

ATWT: Out the Door, Brian

Tuesday, January 6th:

If there’s one thing that’s pretty disappointing today, it’s the reveal. Jade outs Brian like it’s nothing. And I’d expect for there to be a bigger argument, with she and Lucinda screaming at each other. And everyone’s faces at first didn’t seem too exclamatory. If I were Brian, I’d be freaking the hell out right then and there. And it’s nice to see Luke owning up to everything, but sorry, I can‘t say that I agree with the “Brian‘s a good guy“ sentiment. Lily’s reaction to the drinking is understandable.

Being in the closet is one thing. It sucks no matter how old you are or no matter how obvious you are to other people. It’s not that aspect I criticize much of at all when it comes to Brian. What I abhor is the manipulation, the intimidation. For example, getting Luke to keep quiet about the first time he kissed him, on his WEDDING night. And it’s not like he felt that bad about doing any of it either. And if he wasn’t forcing him to keep it quiet, he was trying to make him pretend it didn’t happen, or make him think he was simply confused.

Brian, you want to screw her grandson! You can’t expect Lucinda to know this, have her just brush it off, get over it and move on. And this is definitely a good reason to get a divorce/annulment. Do you really think this marriage can seriously continue? *cue Family Feud strike buzzer* Yeah, sorry. A woman does not want to stay married to a closeted gay man who’s sexually attracted to her grandson.

Sorry, but Brian still gets no sympathy from me. Maybe if the show didn’t present him as this bully and manipulator, gave him more of a back story and didn’t try to force the sympathy out by the end, just maybe it would be different. I wasn’t sad to see him with this luggage at the end getting ready to leave.

So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodbye. Adieu. Adieu. Please get out, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass.