Monday, February 25, 2008

ATWT: A Letter For Noah/Ameera Comes To Town

February 18th:

You know, I completely side with Noah on the letter issue. I admire Luke for not wanting to let something like this want to take over his life, but to me, what Colonel Nutjob did is just absolutely unforgivable. There are many ways for a parent to show signs of love to his child, but murder and attempted murder is not one of them. Especially when the victims in question are your mother and your boyfriend.

February 22nd & 25th:

As much as I’m skittish about Ameera’s character, I can understand Noah’s eagerness about this whole thing. With the exception of an aunt that lives out of town and the Snyders, Noah doesn’t have a lot of people on his own that he knows. If it's true, the thought of Colonel Mayer actually being a decent person at any time is just sickening. The complements Ameera said are very hard to conceive. Compare the hero to the complete psycho that was in Oakdale last year. Bi-polar, aren’t we, Colonel? And of course, Noah’s not going to want to talk about it. It’s to be expected.

My big worry with this is that considering what could happen, it’ll probably turn into a classic case of “characters dumbed down for the sake of the storyline.” This is probably some plan of the Colonel's to "de-gay" Noah. I also couldn’t help but notice that as soon as they were about to kiss on Friday, there was a knock on the door and Ameera showed up… NOT FUNNY, P&G! I am also a bit nervous about what happens later this week. But I think I’ll wait until the shows air before posting my thoughts.

News articles have surfaced very recently, including the Los Angeles Times and The New York Daily News, and thanks to some fans, this non-kissing business is finally getting media attention. And CBS has commented saying they’re not doing any censoring, so now we know that Procter & Gamble is the one doing it; it‘s just obvious after seeing how they’re evading the questions. But what I think is really disappointing in all of this is that GLAAD does not seem to be in the least concerned. Yeah, they deserve praise for having a gay storyline, but knowing that someone at Procter & Gamble is censoring their affection makes it harder to praise the show, and it’s about time they got called on it. And I can’t help but just laugh at the audacity of the American Family Association. Out of all things to complain about on the show, they complain about Luke and Noah’s relationship… one of the few SOLID ones on the show. Never mind Carly being forced on by a ventriloquist psycho, Craig trying to induce a miscarriage, or Katie and Brad doing it like bunnies. And I just love their comment; in a nutshell saying that the homosexuals should stop kissing and being in bed together. Ha! What show are THEY watching? Or better yet, are they even watching at all?

I do know that with the Ameera storyline, some folks are a bit worried that somehow one of the guys will sleep with her. And to that I say… the powers that be have done some stupid things on this show in the past two years, I mean just downright idiotic. But I honestly don’t think they’d do something THAT dumb. The show should know by now that it’s skating on some seriously thin ice (not just with the Nuke storyline and its fans, but entirely). And after the Christmas show and especially after Valentine’s Day… heaven knows the storm of fecal matter that’ll rain over their heads if they even try to pursue that, or even imply that she slept with any of them. They seriously cannot have that many screws loose.

GSN Live: Premiere

As of today, GSN’s now attempting another call-in interactive show where viewers can win prizes, but this time it all happens during some of their favorite classic game shows, from Noon-3 PM, all on GSN Live!

I guess in one way I really misinterpreted this show. The biggest problem I have with it already is that there isn’t enough of it. I was under the impression that this show would be on during EVERY commercial break and have one or two sponsors… or if not, we’d see more of the show than we have.

I probably should have figured they wouldn’t be on that much since they said that tried during rehearsals and they weren’t able to do interviews during the show. They said they’d have to cut one of the shows to make something like that possible. Too bad the show wasn’t going into the 3 PM hour. A bit of a disappointment, since I really was looking forward to seeing Wink Martindale being interviewed. However, the good news is that GSN’s airing the week of Password Plus where both he and Gene Rayburn are featured. And if that’s not good enough for you, Wink will be in the studio on Friday! That was a very good week for Password Plus. Good game play and one very memorable moment. Of course, it’s the one where someone in the control room at NBC made a MAJOR boo-boo and managed to erase an entire segment of an episode! But don’t worry, Gene, Wink, and Tom are ready in different clothes to recap the round.

It’s nice seeing Heidi Bohay back on a series again. Save for a recent infomercial, I’m most familiar with her appearances on $100,000 Pyramid in the 1980’s, and the late ‘90’s TV version of Better Homes & Gardens, with her husband Michael Spound. I’ve always wanted to see her in Hotel, but I haven’t had the chance yet. I’m not all that familiar with Fred Roggin. He’s a local California TV personality, but so far I think he’s doing a pretty good job on GSN Live.

The set is nice. It feels a lot like a daytime show should; very nice and comfy looking. The volume is just right. I hate over-energetic hosts who scream everything, and that’s not found here. I also like that there isn’t a bunch of garbage all over the screen during the shows.

Amne$ia: Premiere

On Friday night, NBC debuted a game show called Amne$ia, the new game show that is all about the contestant. I’m not an instant huge fan of it, but I actually wound up liking this somewhat.

Unlike The Moment of Truth, Amne$ia doesn’t come off as cheap and tawdry to me and it has a lot more fun with events of people’s lives and doesn’t deliberately try to embarrass the contestants with ridiculously personal questions. Though I do agree with a few people who’ve said that if you don’t care about the contestant, chances are you won’t be interested in that particular episode. I hope they don’t go the route Deal or No Deal has and pick the most stereotypical kinds of contestants imaginable complete with their friends and family members screaming everything at the top of their lungs.

I found Dennis Miller to be a much better host on this show than on GSN’s Grand Slam. I actually liked a lot of his jokes.

I like this show, but I don’t really see it as appointment television.

TPIR: Drew's Nighttime Debut

Drew was in pretty much fine form to me as usual, even though this time he was a bit under the weather. Nice tux!

The contestants were really fun to watch. It seems as though they like to save the most energetic people for the special shows. Plinko was rather a disappointment. Though it's not the first time that there's been bad luck with that game during the nighttime shows. I also like how they tried to incorporate different ways for the contestants to possibly win one million dollars. And it finally paid off! It seemed before that the prime time version could never do it but it finally happened last week!

The set was great. I wouldn’t want to see the black floor and all the shiny stuff during the day, but on special episodes it works and the confetti was a nice touch. The only thing I didn't care much for was the ending. Contestant Adam won $1,153,908. I was kind of hoping that the ending would have been a bit jazzier. But if any problems I had were minor, that is a good sign.

I'm definitely looking forward to more Million Dollar Spectacular shows. Keep 'em coming, CBS!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Diff’rent Strokes, Malcolm & Eddie, Thea and Sanford on BET

Yay, my first sitcom related post!

Diff’rent Strokes (1978-85 NBC; 1985-86 ABC) and Malcolm & Eddie (1996-2000 UPN) started airing on BET today! Coming in March, we’ll be seeing Sanford (1980-81 NBC) and Thea (1993-94 ABC).

Diff’rent Strokes coming isn’t quite THAT a big deal for me, seeing as the show airs here locally on WPCH/17 (a.k.a. Peachtree TV). But I am glad for the national exposure. The fans deserve it, and hopefully the show will be run all the way through. And maybe this will be a way to help Sony get off its rear and help get more of the series on DVD. BET now airs the show weekdays from 9-10 am ET.

Malcolm & Eddie I haven’t seen in a long time, probably since the original run on UPN, so I’m eager to check that out again and see if I enjoy it now as much as I did then. I notice sometimes with shows I loved as a kid, it’s not the same revisiting them later on in life. One big example for me as far as that goes is Full House. Malcolm & Eddie airs weekdays from 10-11 am, 4-5 pm, and 11 pm - 12 midnight, all times eastern.

Sanford starts March 1st. I’ve recently really been getting into Sanford & Son again watching reruns here locally, so the idea of Sanford coming back to television is extremely good news to me, especially since I didn’t get to see it on BET previously. It’s also funny since I was just reading about Sanford & Son and its sequels the other day and gained a big curiosity about Sanford. It’ll be interesting to see how the show was without Demond Wilson. Sanford starts in March on late Saturday nights at 2:30 am and Sunday mornings at 11:30 am ET.

Thea I’m not familiar with; if I’ve seen it in first run, I certainly don’t remember and I know I haven’t seen it in the past. I can’t wait to see Brandy before Moesha and Yvette Wilson before that and The Parkers (side note: I prefer The Parkers to Moesha). Thea airs Saturday nights at 3 am and Sunday afternoons at noon ET.

It’s really nice to see a network go through the vault for a change and get out some stuff that‘s not seen as much, compared to just re-airing the same things over and over.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

ATWT: Fed up

After seeing the Valentine's Day show... I have one question out of several to ask... do the people in charge really care? I mean, seriously. Do they really even give a damn?

What it boils down to for me is that it really does not take much to make a lot of people happy. All they had to do in the first segment was have them kiss for 5 seconds, and if they hadn‘t have kissed in the fantasy segment, then that would have been okay with me. I mean, seriously, how hard is that? And that’s what’s most insulting to me. You’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now. They got many angry calls and letters about what happened on December 20th. And if they’re so clear about the two of them not kissing, the teasing is just downright cruel. I’m sorry, but seeing Luke and Noah have all these almost kisses only to get interrupted by someone, and then last week finding out from the characters themselves that they’ve been kissing off camera… that is just like dangling a carrot over a rabbit’s head and just yanking the cord away just when it’s about to reach it. And let’s not forget it was Luke, LUKE SNYDER, who’s the out gay man in Oakdale and helped Noah come out, backed out of the kiss in the real time segment. And I didn’t need the fact that they can't kiss to be thrown in my face during the fantasy sequences. If they think this is some kind of joke, well, I’ve got news for Goutman, Cahill, and the rest of Procter & Gamble: I am not laughing. Every couple and even some who AREN'T couples got to kiss. Every couple that is except Luke and Noah.

Here's the proof:

They really should have thought about every aspect of this storyline before executing it. Not only would people have complained about them kissing, but they’re going complain about the storyline PERIOD. And a couple in love are going to kiss. It’s just that plain and simple. Especially on the most romantic day of the year. Now I wonder if even the homophobes even watch the show at all, but instead just send out form letters with God Hates Fags stationery talking about how they‘ll burn in hell for supporting two men in love. And who ARE these homophobes anyway?

And let's not forget Van and Jake have said time and time again that they want to do this story right. They have no problem showing affection. None whatsoever. That’s actually the big reason why I come back for more. They’re great actors and have marvelous chemistry. And it’s a pretty difficult situation for the fans who want to voice their opinions; it’s not like it’s a talk show or a morning program that airs its shows live or is on a one-day delay, so if we write to people saying we don’t like something, they can address viewer grievances in a quicker fashion. It’s going to take weeks for people to see any type of change. For the most part, they've handled a lot of stuff in this storyline right. Why chicken out now?

I'm still in limbo as to whether or not I should continue watching. I didn't even see the show on Friday because I was still mad. I downloaded several older episodes of the show that I don't even feel like watching right now. They're getting another letter from me. I tried being reasonable and rational in the last letter I wrote to them commending them for the storyline and still getting the point out that I am not happy about lack of affection, and I bet other people did too and look what happened. This time I don't think they deserve the complement. And it's too bad too because the day to day dialogue is getting better for the most part and I was impressed with the Luke/Noah scenes last week. If I don't know who exactly to send it to -- fine, I'll send it to every person in that building if I have to. They need to know, especially after what went down that this is NOT okay and a big part of me is through trying to be positive. And while I'm at it, I'll also let them know what an idiotic decision it was to fire Scott Bryce.

Congratulations, ATWT, you just gave me another reason to hate Valentine’s Day. And congrats for also pissing off a big fan base, including myself, RIGHT before a front-burner storyline with these guys start. I mean, really, my hat’s off to ya! Way to go! /sarcasm

I hope the haters are happy. Well knowing them, they won’t be fully content until the homosehksuhls are band from teh teevee.

Monday, February 11, 2008

1 vs. 100: Pop Culture Night

I have to say that I did for the most part enjoy last Friday’s episode of 1 vs. 100. I liked some of the mob members, particularly Oscar the Grouch. And it was cool seeing Jeremy Miller from Growing Pains read a question.

This probably sounds like smack-talk since I’m a big fan of The Simpsons (well, the earlier years anyway), but I cannot believe the first contestant did not know that the show‘s movie debut was in Springfield, Vermont. I don’t know… it just seems to me that even most people who are non-fans of the show know where the series takes place. The name of the show and the setting just click with a lot of people. And the other options didn’t even make sense. There’s also the fact that he wasted the third help. We all knew at that point that “A” (Spider-Man) was wrong and we found out three people said “C.” And he still wanted to say “C!“ If only three mob members picked an answer that early in the game out of many, would think it’s safe to say that that’s not going to be a winning answer. It could have been worse though; he could have said that Kirk Douglas was the older brother on Growing Pains.

I really did not care for the second contestant’s behavior. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick of the “animosity” between contestants on game shows nowadays. I mean, I know the contestants aren’t supposed to really get along with the mob members, and I can deal with that, but I hate overly cocky contestants. To me that attitude just makes me want to root for them less.

I enjoy the notion of pop culture-based game shows, however, it seems to me that many of the shows aren’t executed well. For instance, On the Cover was way too cheesy for my tastes, and Starface just came off as too trashy. I mean for goodness sake, one sponsor was The National Enquirer. I gave up on it by that point. Hollywood Showdown however was a favorite of mine. It had the perfect questions, Todd Newton was actually in his element and not a caricature like on Whammy!. And VH-1’s World Series of Pop Culture is a lot of fun to get into. Those were shows that proves the aspect can work if executed properly.

Nice to see that 1 vs. 100 can pull it off decently also.

ATWT: Have You Been Watching Porn?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am just shocked beyond belief that we’ve had four, count ‘em, FOUR days with Luke last week and two with Luke and Noah.

Let’s start with Luke’s interaction with Meg… it’s really, really nice to have more of this type of talking. I remember saying to myself a year ago, “If they can’t continue Luke’s storyline, why can’t they have him do stuff like this for a little while until it resurfaces?” I’m not just glad to see it with Luke, but with just about everyone. I’m sure Meg will be so much better off without Craig OR Paul. It didn’t feel forced at all, which is definitely good since they’re family.

It was fun watching Luke and Noah imagining what their first time would be like. The music department really did a good job with that. The porny music when Luke was describing the locker room fantasy was just too funny. Active imagination, indeed. I also enjoyed this conversation because one of Noah’s big character traits is the fact that he wants to be a filmmaker and likes classic movies, and Luke is an aspiring writer; they’re both in college taking classes for these career choices and I liked how they tied those aspects into it. I like how they don’t want to be stereotypes and that they want to do things their way (cue Laverne & Shirley theme). And the meat double entendres were something else. These two are so doing it soon it’s not even funny.

And it’s always nice seeing more Luke and Lucinda bonding. You know, I really wish Lucinda would stop blaming herself for this whole Evan mess. It’s not her fault that the guy turned out to have a major screw loose. And I couldn’t stand it when Lily was blaming her for the whole thing. Yeah, she’s going to hire someone knowing he’s cuckoo and capable of murder, and she’ll put HERSELF in a hostage situation. Surrrrrrrrrrreeeeee. (cue the eye roll). And can I remark at how idiotic it was for Lily to leave the farm knowing Lucinda’s being held hostage without calling the cops or even telling Holden? It’s not that hard, she knows at least three of them. Heck, Jack’s even her brother-in-law!

Monday, February 4, 2008

ATWT: Scabs Effin' Rule

Where to begin, I didn’t even know they were going to be on today…

I was pretty excited to see Luke introduce Noah to someone else, as his boyfriend, with no awkwardness whatsoever. Granted, it was two other gay guys, but still, that is progress. We saw Jealous Noah a while back with Roth, and it was fun to see Luke be this way. And to be honest, I really didn’t blame him in this instance, as one of the guys was basically brain-boinking Noah. He so wanted him naked in that hot tub. Wow, forward much? I’m glad that both guys realized that the wild party scene is not for them. Especially in Luke’s case, since he’s had past problems with drinking and has a new kidney. Not that I know these two aren’t perfect, and I don’t want them to be goody two shoes, but there are plenty of young people who are not into the typical wild college parties, and Luke and Noah happen to be a couple of them. And while it’d be nice to meet other gay people, there’s a better way to do it. Not to mention, we are talking about Luke and Noah’s first time, too. Call me the cheesy romantic guy, but I would like to see something a lot more special than them doing it at some party.

The scabs have been mostly good when it comes to history, though they did flub one tiny bit when Noah mentioned that he still slept on the couch. We all know he has a room of his own now at the farm. So far this is the only mistake in that respect I’ve seen them make.

And Noah kissing Luke goodbye, today. And them hugging each other recently, like when Noah got the key or when Luke needed moral support after Holden was arrested. This, THIS is what I’m talking about when it comes to affection; what we’ve been seeing the past two or three weeks. Not a make out session every time they’re on, but a hug or a kiss when the time calls for it, when it’s necessary. And today proves that many fans were naturally right -- the characters were so makin’ out off camera it’s not even funny. The powers that be are clearly getting the message now with this too and I’m really happy to see it.

As for the other storylines… don’t like them overall but the dialogue is better. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So, in the end all that’s left for me to say for today is…

Scabs effin’ rule.

Strike Over? (and other writer news)

Word has it that a breakthrough in contract talks has been reached between the WGA and the Hollywood studios that a deal could be made as early as next week. Work still needs to be getting done, apparently, though things look really good that an end could come.

I have to say that if this is finally over, I’m ecstatic at the idea that my primetime favorites such as Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Reaper, How I Met Your Mother, and Brothers & Sisters will seem to be back in order and that the season may be saved, it’ll probably just run a bit late. I admit, I don’t have many current favorites today, but the favorites I do have, I love and would have hated to see ruined because of something like this.

I had the feeling this would probably end not too long after the Golden Globes situation. They lost at least 80 million dollars from the strike pre-empting it. The Oscars were coming soon after and I’ll bet the big folks in charge didn’t want a repeat event, and since the Oscars is a much bigger event, they could have lost a lot more money if there was a chance that show didn’t go on as planned.

However, the one negative bit about this for me is that Jean Passanante will most likely be back as head writer on As The World Turns; which means that the show could become unwatchable again and the character assassination will continue. We could see more distasteful storylines like Adam Munson the attempted rapist, more of making the Snyder men holier than thou and the women on the show tawdry, i.e. Alison the druggie/porn star, Carly lying about her illness and choosing a man over her kids, Rosanna a kidnapper, Gwen losing her street smarts, etc. It’s sad that with only 4 out of 5 shows seen so far, you can tell that the show is doing better already when Jean Passanante is nowhere to be found. I mean, you’d think that scab writers would handle the show worse and not better.

In other soap news, Days of our Lives has fired its entire writing team, including head writer Hogan Sheffer. I have not seen all of Hogan’s reign, so I can’t comment much, but I’ll bet he was much better than James E. Reilly’s last run on the show. All I can truly say is for the love of God, NBC and Days, PLEASE hire competent writers. Please don’t get a head writer who blatantly shows favorites, does no storylines for the other characters, and disrespects show history. Get someone who’ll keep the integrity of the characters and the show in line, and won’t insult viewer intelligence as their potential storylines unfold. Get someone who gives a damn about their viewers.

Who Done It? Bowl

I’ve been catching most of the Murder, She Wrote marathon today on Hallmark Channel and I must remark at what a good show this was.

What I love about this show is that it’s really unpredictable. In many cases, the person who I think did the crime is not the one who actually did it. And sometimes, the person who I think will be killed, isn’t the one who is actually killed. It really keeps me guessing.

And then it’s nice seeing the guest stars the show had, some of them being in different roles, like Richard Kline (Three‘s Company), Shelley Fabares (Coach), Kelli Maroney (Ryan’s Hope), Glynn Turman (A Different World), Herbert Edleman (The Golden Girls), Shirley Jones (The Partridge Family); and there are also actors whom I’ve never seen act but have seen for years already on numerous game show repeats, including Ron Masak and Daphne Maxwell-Reid. And I saw Bert Convy’s second appearance on the show a while back. I’ve really become a fan of his lately and I’ve always wanted to see him act, and this show features one of at least four instances in where he played a bad guy.

I thought for someone who’s really not into football at all, it was a good way to spend today. Uh, yeah, the only thing I know about the Super Bowl this year is that Tom Brady is gorgeous. All I can say is that if it was a big day for you, I hope your favorite team won.

ATWT: Luke and Lucinda

I must say, it’s lovely to see Luke and Lucinda have a scene of their own together again. It hasn’t happened much in a good while. I loved their conversation. Noah is a definite okay guy. And I also loved them trying to quote a line from the Bible. I agree with Luke, Dusty’s death is bringing Holden and Lily closer. Holden over Lily? Please, it’ll rain strawberry Kool-Aid before that ever happens.

In other show news, it’s official, Soap Opera Weekly confirms that Jesse Soffer and Jennifer Landon (Will and Gwen, respectively) are leaving As The World Turns. I’m mixed on this. I love this couple, especially after seeing early episodes and clips with them. I really do. But if they’re just going to keep getting overexposed and with horrid storylines to boot (i.e. Adam the attempted rapist and Cleo the psycho stalker), then honestly, I think they’re better off leaving.

Also word has it that Henry is getting his own storyline soon. I love this; I had just said I wanted he and Vienna to do more and it looks like they finally will. And Luke and Noah will get a new storyline started by the end of next month. FINALLY off the backburner! Time to party!