Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WGN's '80's Retro Week

Here is the layout for WGN America's 1980's Retro Week. This will air from July 7-11, and is follows:

Monday: ALF
Tuesday: Family Ties
Wednesday: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Thursday: The Cosby Show
Friday: ALF (again, but with different episodes)

I was hoping that they'd do an '80's themed week, but I honestly have to say this particular week's plans are a real disappointment for the most part; especially when compared to the 1970's week. I mean, seriously, why a movie? And even though The Cosby Show has been rerun a LOT in the past few years, I can't say that I'm surprised that it's been included, and since that was a very popular (if not the most popular) sitcom of the 1980's, it should be. I must say that it will be nice seeing ALF and Family Ties, but I'm not looking forward to much else.

There are so many 1980's shows that could be used for this particular week. Is it that hard these days to acquire 4 episodes of Facts of Life, Silver Spoons, Kate & Allie, Mr. Belvedere, or Charles in Charge? They're also airing Newhart on Sunday nights and they easily could have also put that in; it would have been a great way to see later episodes of the series since it'll take a while to get to that point. I've read that they tried to get two other series, one of which being Mork & Mindy, but those plans fell through. I would have much rather them wait until they could have acquired five different shows.

ATWT: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Part Deux

Monday, June 16th:

You know, there are many days with not only this storyline, but the whole show I find myself asking "what in the eff are these writers doing?!" But for the most part, not today. This has to be the first time in quite a while where the writing in this nightmare of a story was actually decent.

Both of them brought up good points. Noah has fought for Luke before, during Luke's paralysis, but at the same time, why is it so hard now if he doesn't blame Luke for what happened to Daddie? Reg is single now that Noah wants to take a break from Luke. *gasp* And he's attracted to Luke! Funny how that works out. And Lucinda having a scene with Noah?! Finally, FINALLY, someone got this right! Do you know how long I've wanted to see a REAL scene with these two?

And you should have heard me scream "THANK YOU, GOD!" after I saw that Noah finally took off that godforsaken wedding ring. And the way it was shot, now THAT is an artistic camera pan I can certainly deal with, let me tell you.

Also what brilliant acting by Van and Jake.

Wednesday, June 18th:

I can't believe that Ameera all this time had relatives in California. Well, this is just typical. This storyline seemed to be made up as it went along, and it started making no sense so I'm not surprised it ended this way. But at this point, who cares? I'm just glad that Ameera is going to be away from Luke and Noah and that this charade of a marriage is finally over. I think we had a few good days, like the above episode I just reviewed, and a few kiss scenes, but still, this story seriously had it's bad moments and many of them, and I personally would never come up with a storyline like this. But there are plenty of ways where it could have worked, and I'm sure I would have liked the Ameera character if she wasn't just used as a plot device to block the Nuke lovin'.

And Noah, I love you, but there is something I don't get. You want to break up with Luke, but when you see him with Reg, you get jealous.

And what a major disappointment at the Emmys this year. There are plenty of times where the writing sucked, but Van can really work scenes really well and don't get me wrong, I like Tom Pelphrey a lot, but I was hoping Van would win this year.

Friday, June 13, 2008

GSN's July Schedule

I've been meaning to post this and most of this month's entries sooner, but I've had a recent major hard drive failure and I've spent a lot of time in the past two weeks re-creating documents and re-downloading files that were lost.

Looks like GSN's changing their schedule again for the summer. Here are the highlights. These changes start on July 21st.


9:00 am - Tic Tac Dough (replaces Love Connection)
10:00 am - Super Password (replaces Tic Tac Dough)
10:30 am - Family Feud (Combs, replaces Wheel of Fortune)
12:00 pm - Jeopardy! (replaces Super Password)
12:30 pm - Wheel of Fortune (replaces Family Feud, Dawson)
2:00 pm - Family Feud (Dawson, replaces Jeopardy!)
3:30 pm - Lingo (replaces Friend or Foe?)
4:00 pm - Weakest Link (Gray, replaces Weakest Link, Robinson)
4:30 pm - Family Feud (Karn, replaces Weakest Link, Robinson)
5:00 pm - Chain Reaction (replaces Family Feud, Karn)
7:30 pm - Catch-21 (replaces Lingo)

For the most part, nothing changes much except flip flopping shows around. I'm not that phased seeing Love Connection leave from the weekday line-up. It's not the show itself I have a problem with.... I just don't think GSN is a good enough fit for this show. I have to say I am very happy that Combs Feud is coming back to the schedule. Still not a fan of the afternoon schedule. I'll be glad to see it at any rate, but I hope they don't start over from the beginning just yet since they were in the middle of the final season last time they were airing. My television is usually onto something else by 3 PM if I am watching GSN in the 2 PM hour. And as I've mentioned before, Karn Feud in my eyes could definitely lose some airings. I was never a big fan of Friend or Foe? but I'd take it anyday over GSN's version of Chain Reaction. And if it really isn't doing that hot, I'm glad that GSN is at least giving Tic Tac Dough a chance. If this were a network like ION, it would have been gone in two weeks.

More Retro Goodness from WGN

I could not be more excited for Sunday night. It marks the second night of Outta Sight Retro Night on WGN America.

The schedule consists of the following (all times eastern):

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM WKRP in Cincinnati
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Newhart
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM The Honeymooners

There are a number of things to be impressed about with this for me. Firstly, I was impressed at how good the episodes look... they've all been restored. It's interesting seeing the first season of Newhart, since that was shot on videotape. The pilot looked like it was taped yesterday. And speaking of Newhart, it's been years since I've seen most of this show so I can't wait to see more of it. Secondly all the episodes shown were uncut! I noticed there was footage that was definitely left in on WKRP in Cincinnati that was cut out on TVLand airings. Footage from the actual episodes as well as commercial bumpers. That was one of the things that had me so impressed with the '70's week that aired right before. This is so great, especially for WKRP since the first season DVD's are rather neutered, and also for when they finally get into season 2 of Newhart, since Fox is so slow with classic DVD releases nowadays.

It's so nice having variety on the regular schedule as well. Whenever a network starts airing stuff that's seen on one or multiple other channels multiple times a day, one example being ION these days, picking up The Steve Harvey Show and ER, I always say "there's other shows in the vault that don't get as much exposure these days." So I commend WGN America for airing shows that are not as seen on TV much these days anymore, since some people don't get good networks like AmericanLife or RTN yet. And I hope the Outta Sight Retro Nights continue!

ATWT: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Wednesday, June 11th:

Not a fan of "Lily" trying to set Luke and Noah up like this. I mean, I know she means well but a reconcilliation is something that should not be forced, and storyline wise, she of all people apparently should know this. She of all people should not be giving relationship advice to anyone. I mean, look at how bitchy Holden got when she got someone else to watch the kids so she could be alone with him one night. And asking about Ameera at the dinner table? Are you kidding me?!

Seeing Luke walk away in frustration at the end of the episode has me a bit relieved for two reasons, one, I hope this is the start of Luke starting to get mad (but just upset and not needy, and certainly not psycho) over all this, and two, it just made me thank God Ameera is not there. Because if she were, I can just picture Noah right now running to her every beck and call and that would just drive me up the wall.

To me, one thing that needs to be addressed more is Noah's point of view alone in this. I love Luke to death, but this break-up is a situation where we need to have both characters share an equal amount of alone time... there's also the fact that Noah at this point doesn't have anyone outside of the Snyders to confide in.

ATWT: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Tuesday, June 10th:

Where was Holden and "Lily"'s concern for Luke when Holden was horseback riding with Carly and "Lily" was trying to fire up the grill with Carly? Luke and Noah were gone for at least two weeks, and any wondering about their whereabouts doesn't happen until after they come back. And I love how Lucinda was blamed for some of this. Seriously, writers, how hard would it have been to throw in a few lines about Luke?

While I can kinda understand how Noah feels, constantly playing the "what if" card with his "dead" father (I'll bet money Daddie'll somehow turn back up alive eventually) is just gonna drive him up the wall. Though I was glad to hear Noah admitting that the marriage was a sham. But still, this wife crap has got to stop. I was also glad to hear by the end of the show that he wasn't just blaming Luke for everything, and we did get an "I love you" from Noah, even though he was being a jerk at the beginning of the show. Though Luke at some points still came off as a bit too needy to me. I was really impressed with the acting by Van and Jake. They did a great job.

I was really hoping we'd see more of Noah post-break-up on this episode. The amount of screen time Janet and Liberty get on this show in comparison, and particularly this episode, is absolutely ridiculous, and Gilmore Girls they are NOT. There could have really been some longer scenes with Luke and Noah. Also, Noah Mayer has been on for just over a year. Janet and Liberty have been on the show for one month tops. There's no reason at all why I should know more about the latter two characters. I also didn't like how for a minute Holden and "Lily" were about to make Luke and Noah's situation all about themselves.

As you probably can tell by my using Lily in quotation marks, I am another fan who has not and probably will never warm up to the cast change. I have nothing against Noelle Beck (in fact, I have no personal grudge with any actor on this show, they just work with what they're given), but recasting Lily Snyder has to be one of the most asinine decisions that has ever been made under Christopher Goutman's reign. It's like recasting Nikki Newman or Erica Kane. Some roles aren't meant for it, not to mention the last Lily recast in the early '90's bombed. Come on, Goutman, get it together.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ATWT: What in the eff?

Good Lord.... sometimes I ask myself why I am so invested in these characters. Today is definitely one of those days.

Thursday May 29th:

Well it looks like Ameera finally realized what was going on and got the hell up out of there. I was surprised to see that happen since with this show these days, most of the women sadly do not use their brains enough, not to mention they don't handle themselves well at all. And it's even sadder considering this show's head writer is a woman. It was interesting seeing Luke get a tiny bit jealous talking to the Naked Sailor guy. Then we have Noah meeting Colonel Whackjob. "I'm taking Ameera." Um, why? And then we have him punching Noah in the stomach after referring to Luke as his "fairy friend." Jerkass. And his classic death threat to Luke and Noah at the end. Wow, you just gotta love this guy.

Tuesday June 2nd:

I really don't get Noah's reasoning on this episode. Now anytime before all this would have ever happened, Noah would call the cops in a heartbeat if he thought for a second that his dad would harm anyone. Now he DOESN'T want to reach the cops? And Luke, so true -- Daddie is so far past over the edge it's not even funny. Yeah, and I had some not nice words for Livia when she knocked Luke out. It looks like they're both involved in this setup too. And what does Colonel Lunatic want with Ameera? I don't get that either, still.

Thursday June 5th:

One thing that was nice in all this episode was that Luke and Lucinda were working together. It was nice seeing Luke getting tough with the real Coyle when it came to finding Noah.

Noah today... Oh. My. God. The "she's my wife" comment again? Noah seemingly not even giving the slightest damn about Luke after what he went through, and how Luke pulled out all the stops to make sure he was safe? We all know the Colonel will do anything he can to stop anyone who goes in his way, and with that gut-punch Colonel Nutjob delivered to Noah, he doesn't care if his son's life is sacrificed? Noah saying that Luke didn't know what it was like to go through hell? HELL-O! Luke was paralyzed because of your maniacal father, Noah! Noah was also all about not forgiving his father for anything. Did that all just fly out the window when this charade of a storyline was written?! COME ON, writers! What in the hell was all that about?!

I want obstacles and drama for this couple, that is not the issue here. It's the fact that the obstacles and drama in this storyline don't make any freakin' sense. And then there's the fact that when the storyline picks up in any way, we have to wait at least two to four days or even more for it to continue. Congratulations, ATWT, you just keep giving me more and more reasons to hate plot driven storylines on soaps.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Million Dollar Password: Debut

Sunday night was the premiere for Million Dollar Password, marking the first first-run airing of a version of this show since 1989, hosted by Regis Philbin. Also with celebrity guests Neil Patrick Harris and Rachael Ray.

I find Regis to be a pretty good host on this show, and I had faith in him on this show ever since his name came up.

After seeing Neil Patrick Harris on Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, I just knew that he would not disappoint on this show. I had fun watching Rachael Ray also but she certainly isn't the greatest player. Guess she was right when she said that she's a much better player at home. Though I'm sure we all are, and I still found her fun to watch.

The format is, now... say it with me gang... Pyramid. I refuse to call it "Passamid." Eww, that sounds like a laxative. I'd also like it a bit more if there was some more interaction between the contestants and the celebs, it's one reason why I enjoy the older versions so much. Another nitpick I have... in the million dollar tree part of the game, in the end, what's up with having a word limit AND a clock? Why not just let the team guess the words until the time runs out? I found that a bit redundant.

The minor issues I have are with the music and sound effects. I hate how in this day and age that music seems to be a requirement for everything on game shows, and I found most of the background music to be unnecessary. You don't need it to explain the rules. I also grew tired of the sound effects rather early, in particular, the "pass" sound effect. I'm also not a fan of the set. I understand this is a big prime time game show, but it's just way too busy and dark for my tastes.

I'm not a fan of the format. But maybe it'll grow on me. Then again, considering the company involved with the show, I wasn't expecting a format that would exactly leave me squealing with glee. I do think I'll be enjoying this more for the celebrities and Regis Philbin just as I originally thought. I can't wait to see Betty White, and I even want to see Rosie O'Donnell play. I think we'll be just fine as long as Donald Trump's name isn't brought up.