Saturday, October 3, 2009

ATWT: Not As Cute As You

Friday, October 2nd:

Holden and Maeve practically being buried alive by dimwitted Ebberly? Heh, that is so Days of our Lives.

Lily, you are being played like a violin. It’s so obvious Damian is up to no good at all. And every time he gets that much closer to getting caught, he comes off looking like the innocent victim. And again Meg for much of the time continues to make this whole situation too much about herself. She has a right to be upset with Damian sleeping with someone else, but come on, girlfriend! Other people are being manipulated by him, too right now. It’s not all about you!

Noah is cute and likable, but Mason totally crossed a line and something like that was totally inappropriate for an adviser to say. And Noah’s face when he said it… I can’t help but say, the taken aback look was, well, cute. I loved bitchy!Luke so much when Noah told him everything. I had no sympathy whatsoever for Mason when he pulled the “woe is me” card talking about how lonely he is. Give me a break, man.

The confrontation was a bit of a letdown and I felt the same way about their screen time today overall. But in spite of that, pretty good show when talking about it all. And something else happened on this show on this particular day that doesn’t happen very often. Friday cliffhanger! Nice to see this show mostly getting it right again.

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