Saturday, February 13, 2010

SPN: Marathon this Monday!

It looks like some really good times right now for one of my favorite shows ever, Supernatural. Not only has the show just celebrated its landmark 100th episode, but it’s also been renewed for a sixth season! I know a lot of fans like myself were wondering what was going to happen with the show; whether this would be the last season, or what. It’s so nice to get an answer with that. And to make matters even better, there’s a marathon of the show on TNT this Monday! It’s mentioned around the ‘net as a “fan favorites” marathon. It airs from 9:00 am-6:00 pm and we’ll see the following episodes:

9:00 AM - “Tall Tales”
10:00 AM - “Hollywood Babylon”
11:00 AM - “Folsom Prison Blues”
12:00 PM - “Bad Day at Black Rock”
1:00 PM - “Mystery Spot”
2:00 PM - “Monster Movie”
3:00 PM - “Yellow Fever”
4:00 PM - “Criss Angel is a Douchebag”
5:00 PM - “After School Special”
6:00 PM - “The Monster at the End of This Book”

I notice that the last half of the marathon is exclusively comprised of fourth season episodes, which in itself is not a bad thing. Though I personally do have favorite season 1 episodes, like “Hell House.” “Bad Day at Black Rock” is absolutely hysterical. I laughed so hard at some of the bad luck Sam was getting as a result of what happened in the episode. This show is great at adding elements of comedy within a drama. “Monster Movie” is another true goodie, and black-and-white movie lovers would get a real treat out of it. “Yellow Fever” is another funny one with Dean’s constant fear. And “The Monster at the End of This Book” is certainly memorable for all the inside jokes with the show’s fan base.

I have to say one other thing though; while it’s great to see the show get the exposure that I think it deserves, I am a tad disappointed to find out that in a few of the episodes, the music has been changed for syndication. The good thing though is that this is thankfully not an issue with the DVD sets. Music is a focal part of this show, and I’m glad to see that DVD music rights are not a problem. I wish I could say the same for other series.

Be sure to set your DVRs for this; it’s totally a must watch!

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