Thursday, February 4, 2010

ATWT: Plot-Driven Frustrations

Monday, February 1st:

It was so nice to see Noah stand up for Luke. I was hoping for a scene like this. I was also glad to see Luke point out that he has an important stand in this relationship too and that he’s not the only one hurting, and Noah realized it! About time this happened. Noah also was willing to go without the surgery selflessly, for the sake of the relationship.

In spite of that good, I cannot stress any further how ridiculous this obviously contrived plot-driven separation is. Luke and Noah are not going to see each other away from the hospital, or even at home? Writers, you cannot be serious. It’s stuff like this that doesn’t make me wonder why the plug has been pulled on this show. Plot points should not be a crutch for soap storytelling, and this is one of many examples in regards to this show alone as to why.

Oh, Damian. Give. Me. A. Freaking. Break. I love how he tries to say him being caught will be bad for everyone else. You’re only worried about your own ass. You had no problem helping everyone else believe Holden was dead. And it’s nice to see Luke not fall for his pathetic attempt at a spin at what's happened.

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