Friday, February 26, 2010

ATWT: Damian Fails at Life

Thursday, February 25th:

What’s this, Dr. Reid actually being helpful for once? But he’s still a douche bag in the process. So not surprised that Damian's alive. Seriously. Loving that Lily’s not putting up with Dr. Dick’s attitude. Hands down one of the best days Lily’s had in a long time. Why couldn’t she have this kind of backbone with Damian? Loved Molly for her good job in helping Holden today as well.

Didn’t expect to see Noah today. And standing up to Dr. Dick just goes to show that what he easily could have been willing to sacrifice in order to help his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s family. Totally unselfish. It’d have been nice to see Luke and Noah have a scene together though. Hopefully Luke will find out (on-camera) that Noah helped convince him to go to the police.

I'd consider this a good episode, at least for Nuke. I still did not care for the Mick/Alison/Casey mess though. But today just goes to show the powers that be can put a decent episode together when they want to. If we had seen more episodes like this, the show would have lasted longer.

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