Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DoND: Syndicated Version Canceled

According to Broadcasting & Cable. Not surprised to hear this one at all. The ratings apparently weren’t great this year; and it’s REALLY not a surprise to hear that, especially after reading how in some places the show was moved to bad time slots, some including the overnight hours. I know here in the Atlanta metro, one of the two daily time slots was cut and the show was moved to 9 am with no promotion whatsoever.

I am a little disappointed though, as I liked this version much more than the nighttime version. The theme weeks could get somewhat excessive, but other than that, it focused on mostly the contestants and the game; the way the show should be. And as a result, I found it to be a much more sane and pleasurable experience. It looks like pretty soon all we’ll have left of the show is the ridiculous amount of airings of the nighttime version on GSN, and by then my interest in the American version of the show will have dwindled down to pretty much zero.

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