Friday, February 26, 2010

ATWT: Another “Death” Investigation

Monday, February 22nd:

Sigh. What in blue blazes is up with this show and leaving certain important key elements out of scenes? This reminds me of several weeks ago when Luke asked if he was secondary to Noah's getting better last month. It’s as if something was left on the cutting room floor and the audience is left to guess for themselves what happened in the end. How do you have a character issue an ultimatum like Luke did with Noah today and not have Noah answer it in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER? Are you kidding me, show? They should have Noah at least explain why he left the house. One of the most important things you can do to tell a story on a soap opera efficiently is to explain why a character does what they do. It could have been a really nice angst-filled episode for them if the writers and/or editors didn’t screw it up. This ticked me off more than the actual plotline.

Tuesday, February 23rd:

Molly is spot on about how Lily’s pretty much let Damian walk all over her and the rest of the family ever since he came back to town. I personally can’t stand what a hypocritical, whining mess Lily has turned into. But, boy, she made a huge mistake by trying to forge a note and fake a ring. It just got Holden in even more hot water. In spite of any hot water though, I’m pretty positive Damian is alive. Not that I want him to be, but at this point I would put nothing past that creature. One of several reasons why I shed no tears for this “death.”

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