Friday, February 5, 2010

ATWT: The Truth Is Out There

Friday, February 5th:

How seriously wrong of Lily to not tell Luke the whole truth about Damian. I just could not believe that. He is an adult and deserves to know everything that the bastard‘s been up to. Thank you, Molly, for filling him in! Though I hate how we actually didn’t even see the actual conversation. That was a scene that was worth seeing and it should have been done on-camera.

I have no sympathy for Damian. None. Period. I actually wouldn’t have cared by this point if they decided to kill the character off. There’s not a single iota of redemption left with the guy.
And Holden is such a bad liar. Still. It’s not even funny. People wouldn’t suspect him of anything if he didn’t act suspiciously.

Also, there was something else that’s getting to me with this show today; and it’s how awful Alison is being written. I love Marnie Schulenburg, the actress, and I wish I could say the same thing for the character. Alison has no spine. No self-respect. No integrity. It’s like they simply recycled a number of the lines of the same scripts from her previous triangle with Chris and Aaron and changed the names to Casey and Mick. It’s absolutely pathetic. And it’s no wonder the 18-49 young female demo is usually in the toilet. There are hardly any women on this show with a backbone. And it’s another reason why plot-driven material doesn’t work well with this genre. Alison should have matured and grown much better than this by now.

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