Monday, February 8, 2010

TPiR: Nielson Survey

I would have posted this entry last week, but after I wrote it I couldn't find a working link any longer on the CBS site. But there’s a survey around which comes from the people at Nielson and asks what you think about The Price is Right at its current state. The questions are very precise and cover how the survey taker would feel about Drew Carey, Rich Fields, the models, the importance of the pricing games, the prizes, etc. It also allows you to give your own statements on whether or not the show has improved over the past year.

Two things come to mind. First, I’m not sure if other CBS daytime shows are having these (and considering what The Young & The Restless has apparently turned to, It’d be nice seeing survey answers for that show), but I can’t help but wish As The World Turns and Guiding Light had similar surveys. Unlike with focus groups (which some soaps like Another World were known for using), the actual fans could have taken them and they could have tried to help save both shows.

Secondly, this is also how GSN’s survey released nearly at the same time should have gone. GSN right now seems too invested in reality -- reality and "branching out into a different direction" -- something that’s already failed for them before and is failing for them now. The programming heads just don’t seem to have learned any lessons.


Michael F said...

I agree! I liked seeing this Price is Right survey from Nielsen. It was very extensive, and I hope the show will take in consideration what the fans have to say, instead of relying on just a select group of people around the country who have Nielsen equipment hooked up to their TV sets. It is good for everyone to offer their input!

Now if only GSN would have this type of survey!

Brandon B. said...

I've kind of wished that they'd just have Nielsen boxes available in every home.