Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Episodes

There was some pretty interesting stuff for Halloween this past week, and being the holiday episode freak that I am, I thought I’d talk about some of it.

Ellen did a great job with her Halloween show this year. Though I honestly was expecting more of an outrageous costume like some of her previous ones (like J. Lo and Dr. Phil). I loved the Halloween themed charity dunk tank for breast cancer awareness filled with slime. Wanda Sykes made yet another awesome appearance, this time as a Wall Street businessman. I find Wanda to be a brilliant comedian who never fails to make me laugh.

From what I’ve seen in primetime: You can’t forget the classic Peanuts special It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on ABC. Supernatural had a great Halloween episode. I am enjoying this season so far a lot. It’s probably my favorite season after season two. And much kudos to Lifetime for airing the Halloween episode of Reba on Halloween night.

The only thing that’s really disappointing to me is pretty much from a local standpoint. With only one airing of The Simpsons here a night, it’s impossible to show off a lot of the Halloween specials, especially the earlier ones, which I think were the best. I don’t know if it’s a national thing or not or if it’s just something that’s done here, but I truly hate that it seems in the past year or so only recent episodes are rerun. This is a show that has enough Halloween episodes to deserve its own marathon on cable or something… *cough* FX *cough* - hint, hint.

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Anonymous said...

You should have seen "Live With Regis & Kelly"'s Halloween special. That was very well done, with Regis & Kelly dressing up as the following famous people throughout the hour:

1. Regis - Joe Biden, Kelly - Sarah Palin (with the upcoming presidential election, you had to see this one coming)
2. Regis - Bela Karolyi, Kelly - Shawn Johnson (famous gymnastics coach and gymnast)
3. Regis - Billy Ray Cyrus, Kelly - Miley Cyrus (known for her "Hannah Montana" alter ego, and Billy Ray's her dad)
4. Regis - Gordon Ramsey, Kelly - Paula Deen (famous TV chefs)
5. Regis - Tim Gunn, Kelly - Heidi Klum (hosts of "Project Runway")

Very impressive, if you ask me.