Friday, November 21, 2008

GSN: 12 Games of Christmas

Looks like GSN is spreading holiday cheer by getting some great oldies out of the vault! All through December, 12 different classics will air on 12 different days, from 1 to 3 PM eastern during the GSN Live block!

The schedule is like this:

December 8th: Card Sharks (CBS 1986-89; Christmas shows from 1986)
December 9th: Beat the Clock (CBS 1979-80; Christmas shows from 1979)
December 10th: Family Feud (CBS 1988-94; DAYTIME Christmas shows from 1991)
December 11th: Super Password (NBC 1984-89; Christmas shows from 1984)
December 12th: To Tell The Truth (NBC 1990-91; Christmas shows from 1990)
December 15th: Press Your Luck (CBS 1983-86; Christmas shows from 1984)
December 16th: Match Game (CBS 1973-79; Christmas shows from 1973, 1976, and 1977)
December 17th: Card Sharks (NBC 1978-81; Christmas shows from 1978)
December 18th: Family Feud (ABC 1976-85; Christmas shows from 1978)
December 19th: Body Language (CBS 1984-86; Christmas shows from 1984)
December 22nd: Password Plus (NBC 1979-82; Christmas shows from 1979)
December 23rd: Wheel of Fortune (Syndie 1983-Present; Christmas shows from 1994)

This is all so awesome, really looking forward to this. I really like that we’ll be seeing a different show each day. And it’s been quite a while since shows like classic To Tell The Truth, Body Language, and one of the 1980’s versions of Card Sharks have been on in the daytime. And daytime Combs Feud! This has not been seen on GSN at all lately. I know there are people like me who hate that GSN always seemed to skip some of these episodes, like the ones of Truth, and not even air them during the holidays; so it’s great to finally get to see them. And for oldie fans, I think this is a great way to make up for the pretty lackluster Thanksgiving stunts.

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