Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ATWT: I Love You, But… No

Tuesday, November 11th:

If you’re going to commit election fraud at least make it seem plausible. If they had to cheat that badly, did they really have to make it a landslide? And I don’t blame Alison for being furious at Casey.

I don’t blame Noah one bit for being disappointed. Yes, Kevin did nothing but fight dirty during the campaign -- that video that was put up was absolutely wrong, and Alison was treated horribly, but I completely agree with Noah when he says that in the end that was the perfect time to rise above it and fight back clean and be the better person. Stuffing the ballot box just puts him into their level, and this election really brought out the worst in Luke.

Luke, I can’t believe you. You know how Noah feels about lying now, and this election. I think overtime, maybe Noah has learned a thing or two about how lying or downright masking the truth in any way only makes things worse, and he doesn‘t want to continue doing it. Especially during the green card marriage and Maddie situations. Luke can look as desperate as he wants, but that really doesn’t seem to be able to do anything to change his mind. This is as hard for Noah as it is for Luke. The Dean called him and wants to know the truth.

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