Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ATWT: Snydergate

Wednesday, November 12th:

I really don’t see how Luke could be shocked at this. From the very start, he knew that Noah did not like the idea of rigging the election. And to be honest, I’m glad Noah didn’t try to lie anyway. From the looks of how much it hurt to tell the truth, he’d probably would have sucked at it anyway and would have gotten caught quickly. And it wasn’t just lying for Luke about this whole mess. This election in the process took Luke down a self-destructive path and is making him an entirely different person and Noah obviously didn’t want to contribute more to it by lying to the Dean. And I disagree with what Casey said to Noah.

I have little sympathy for Luke with this. Yes, it sucks that he got kicked out of school, but if it’s anyone’s fault for this whole mess, it’s his. He could have stopped Joe and Casey from getting phony ballots in his favor. And speaking of Joe, what happened to him? Did he just get off scot-free? He knew from the start about how Noah felt about everything; he really can’t be surprised if in the end if he lost his boyfriend’s respect.

As much as I’ve really never liked Brian, I do commend him for getting Lucinda and Lily to talk again. Lily forgave Carly before her own mother. I never understood that. While Lucinda did what she did with Dusty, she did it out of love. Carly wasn’t thinking of anyone but herself when she cheated with Holden.

Thursday, November 13th:

Nice to see Holden and Lily get involved in this, even though it‘s funny that Holden is talking about how wrong cheating is now. It just goes to show you that Holden can be a really great father, but a terrible husband. I agree with Noah, again. Even though Luke had his reasons for doing it, stealing this election has made Luke into a brand-new person, an undesirable one. In the end the Gay Film Festival and winning for all the little guys didn’t matter as much as beating Kevin did. And Luke, you kicked yourself out of school. Stop blaming other people. Seriously.

The only real question I have is that where is Noah going to go? Noah barely has any ties to anyone outside of the Snyder family. I was a bit surprised to see that Noah turned him down at Java.

While I’m obviously disappointed in Luke for rigging the election and it‘s certainly something seeing him spiral downward (and drinking again!), I must say this is fun to watch. Finally this feels like a real soap storyline and not some episodic vignette/skit type of thing that resolves itself within the hour, and it‘s really worth watching, even though I still see some writing errors. And Van plays bitchy SO well it’s not even funny.

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