Thursday, November 20, 2008

ATWT: Drunken Stupor

Tuesday, November 18th:

As much as I can’t stand Brian, he was totally right about how Luke really needed to clean up his act. Especially right now. Lucinda needs him, now more than ever.

I really didn’t care too much for Noah’s actions towards Luke today. I thought it was really sweet of him to get flowers for Lucinda. In fact, I didn’t expect him to be on this episode at all, but I really didn’t get him when he saw Luke. How can he not expect Luke to show up at the hospital at some point? This is his grandmother in the hospital, for crying out loud.

And wow. You do NOT mess with drunk!Luke. At all. I totally did not see that punch to Casey coming, nor the insult to Alison’s porn past.

Wednesday, November 19th:

Well, more signs that Luke fights dirty, especially when wasted. Bringing up the Colonel again and comparing him to Noah? Low blow, Luke. Especially since Luke’s said before that Noah is NOT his father. I liked Noah much better than yesterday. I’m surprised he didn’t leave after the insults. Yesterday Noah just seemed to give him the cold shoulder, especially at the hospital. Today isn’t the case; it was probably due to the fact that Luke was about to hurt others. But I love how Noah has changed for the better. He seems to be much more proud of himself, and so stable and under control.

I’m sorry, but Brian is a complete prick. If I hadn’t hated him in the past, I’d surely be hating him after today. How can you not only just marry, but marry someone who has freaking CANCER and just recovered from surgery and then hours later kiss said cancer patient’s grandson? Not to mention Luke was drunk. Way to take advantage of a situation, Brian. I am not surprised that this dude is obviously gay, and I’m not surprised in the least.

I love this so much. It’s about time that Luke and Noah get a real meaty storyline and what’s more, with character interaction! Lucinda, Lily, Holden, are all there! I loved the acting too. Van plays drunk and bitchy extremely well, and Elizabeth Hubbard as usual does such a tremendous job as Lucinda.

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