Sunday, November 2, 2008

ATWT: Holy airtime, Batman!

Wednesday, October 22nd:

I can’t blame Noah for being let down that Luke didn’t tell him first about deciding to run for president. I’m glad that Luke realized that he made a mistake there.

If there’s one thing that’s good about this story is that Luke and Noah are finally hanging out with more people their own age. And I love that Casey is back in the Nuke storyline.

I can’t stand Mark. Not only because of his homophobia, but because with him it’s all about smearing the other side. It’s like right from the bat; it’s all about bashing, not to mention he’s full of crap! And I just hate that. People like this just make my blood boil. It’s why I can really hate politics sometimes. I’m still not a fan of Kevin, but I am glad that with him, he wants to run a clean election.

I loved the PSA at the end. Please vote, everyone, if you haven't already!

Tuesday, October 28th:

After watching this day’s scenes several times, it’s obvious that Luke and Kevin have unresolved issues. I’ve never personally dealt with a high school crush knowing my feelings for them, but I can understand Luke and how hard the matter is; especially if said crush dropped the f-bomb afterwards (and I don’t mean the word that rhymes with “buck”).

Despite my empathizing with Luke with the whole crush on Kevin, I definitely see where Noah’s coming from in this whole matter. Now Noah sees that this whole election business is doing more trouble than it’s worth. It’s not even about the election anymore, it’s gotten personal, and it’s more about beating Kevin than winning the election for helping make Oakdale U a better place. While that ad was truly vile and tasteless, and I don’t blame Luke for getting upset about it, with Noah I understand why he chooses to remain calm. All his life he’s had to prove that he’s a man. And now after finding Luke, he feels as though no longer has to do that. While he understands that Luke is angry, he wants him to take the high road in this matter and I agree completely.

Mark is such an ass. And I can’t believe that Allison got into that car - not that I’m saying that she has what’s coming to her; of course not - but if I were her I’d know what car I were getting into.

One more thing to point out… holy airtime, Batman! If there’s one thing to be impressed about with this episode the most, it’s that pretty much the WHOLE episode was about Luke and Noah’s latest storyline. I think in over the past 14 months, this has never happened before, and I think it’s about time. Other characters and their plots take up good airtime in this exact manner, and it’s about time Luke and Noah started sharing the wealth. FINALLY, not just mere Nuke crumbs, but a whole Nuke DINNER with all the trimmings! And let me take one final second to gush over how adorable Luke and Noah looked in their costumes.

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