Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ATWT: A Very Surly Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 25th:

I seriously cannot believe that Brian is the only one that really noticed how sloshed Luke was. I mean, I know the Snyders had other things going on, but seriously, it’s not like Luke did a really good job of keeping it hidden. How could no one notice the few missing beer bottles? And Lucinda, I love you, but you mean to tell me that you kissed Luke hello and didn’t smell the beer on his breath? And is Luke ever that bitchy? And speaking of bitchy, I did like the jabs at Brian, considering what a complete douche he is. And if I hear him say that he helped Luke sober up that night one more time, I think I will scream.

Kudos to Holden for inviting Noah to Thanksgiving dinner. And the hand-holding during grace was really a combination of touching and awkward. Luke and Noah really seemed to get into it, and I’m sure for Luke that it was uncomfortable for him to be holding hands with Brian. Also, when Noah was leaving, you could tell that the love was still in the air. Damn Brian for walking out. Slimeball. Sorry, I just don’t like him…

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