Monday, November 10, 2008

GSN: New Look

At the end of this week, GSN debuted a brand new logo and new slogan, “Play Every Day.”

I think this is a really refreshing change and about time too. I really like how game show-like the graphics are. I like the new IDs with the game show hosts (makes me wish that they could get some folks like Bob Eubanks, Bill Rafferty, Monty Hall, or Wink Martindale to come along and make some of their own too). It’s not like it was in 2004 at all. The network doesn’t try to look desperately hip. I also find that they don’t give an unwelcome vibe to the loyal audience. They just give a really fun one. And I know the changeover period -- or what’s known to the bigger game show fans as “Dark Period 2” -- was over 4 years ago, but the logo even after most of the reality stuff was phased out reminded me too much of it at times, and I think that’s why I’m not sad to see the previous logo and schemes go.

There are only a couple of really minor issues that I have, one that I don’t like that with the pop-up banners, most of them cover the whole bottom half of the screen, and still, it’d be nice to see all of the daytime shows promoted individually. However, the new daytime promo is very inviting.

Nitpicks aside, a really good style revamping by GSN.

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