Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Episodes: Game Show Style

As far as the game shows go, it looks like another really good year for Halloween. I still cringe about theme weeks on syndie Deal or No Deal because of how the NBC version has seriously overdone the concept. But in the case of holidays, I generally make an exception and I must say that they did a good job with this week. Wheel of Fortune was certainly another. I loved the decorations. And The Price Is Right has done it again with a brilliantly themed episode. I liked the spooky border at the beginning as well. Also, the models looked really nice in their costumes and Rich looked great as Zorro. GREAT showcases.

For the classic game show fans there were some goodies on GSN, including three episodes of Super Password and a week’s worth of Family Feud with Ray Combs. And while I’m not a fan of multiple Karn airings, I admit it’s nice seeing the Halloween episodes again. I think Family Feud is the show that I look forward to most this time of the year. I love the costumes that the families wear, and the Halloween themed survey questions, albeit some of them on the recent versions can be a tad on the gross side. I love seeing John O'Hurley and his son Dylan in their costumes as well. And they even make the music appropriate for the occasion. It really makes me wish that they would put the same effort in around December and have a Christmas week. I’m sure it would be truly great.

The only thing I really hate is that I managed to miss the Halloween episodes of I’ve Got A Secret this weekend in the overnight block. That show managed to make some really awesome holiday shows and Halloween was no exception. Oh well, there’s always next year.

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