Friday, November 21, 2008

ATWT: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss… Um, Yeah... No

Thursday, November 20th:

Wow. Luke actually has a bedroom… with a decent sized bed. Maybe it could be used for something when this break-up is over?

Brian… what a complete tool. That line “You were in bad shape and I took care of you” and hearing that he came from a “touchy feely family”? Ew. That actually made me shudder. I am so grateful I am not related to that man. And if that kiss what no big deal, then why does he want Luke to not say anything? Then he tries to pass it off as some kind of joke. I don’t know about anyone else, but the straight guys I know don’t kiss each other like that as a joke. And according to him, we’re supposed to take him professing his love for Lucinda seriously? Is he freaking kidding? Watching him be romantic with Lucinda makes me cringe.

And, oh, Lily, how little you know about this. I’m sure you’d feel differently if your mom’s new husband kissed your son, while he was drunk.

This was a pretty good three days. I still have some issues (i.e. Noah not being used enough, where is Noah staying during all of this), but I still feel really entertained by the storyline and this three day week with the characters actually felt like three days and not just mere snippets spread out over the course of three days.

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