Thursday, July 3, 2008

ATWT: There's Nothing Like a Good Cry...

Wednesday, June 25th:

There are two things with this episode that really impressed me. First of all, it's about time Luke mentioned Damian and had a real conversation about him with Noah. Yeah, it was brought up last summer when Noah was still deep in the closet and seeing Maddie. But it was also glossed over so quickly and it was never brought up again until now. This felt a lot more like a real mention. Secondly, it was also about time that Noah cried. Now as ill-conceived as Winston's actual "death" was, this is something that still needs to be dealt with by Noah. And ever since he came back to Oakdale after New York, we would see him get close to crying but he never did.

Now while the show deserves cookies for that, as I mentioned, it's easy to see that Noah is distraught and his grieving is certainly believable, but his father's "death" isn't continuing to be handled that well. Metal dog tags? This guy jumped in the water. In reality something like those would sink right to the bottom. This is one of those situations where details are important. It's not the faking of death that I have a problem with; that is a standard soap tradition (I say faked because I don't think for a second Winston died for real). Couldn't they have made it at least look like his dad drowned? What about them discovering something lighter like his hat? I'm still not satisfied with how that went down. This show really needs to pay more attention to details.

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