Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ATWT: It's All About The Money, Honey

Monday, July 14th:

Not a big fan of this whole foundation storyline, but at least it's nothing absurd like the green card one.

The one thing I do LOVE about it is of course Lucinda's involvement. "Real money! In EURO's for heaven's sake!" I am so glad they're realizing she's needed with these boys' lives. And considering what Damian tried to pull two years ago I can understand completely why Luke didn't want anything to do with the trust fund in the beginning. But it's nice that he wants to do something nice with it. I was actually a bit surprised that Luke didn't want to use the money for some sort of kidney foundation or something of that nature.

What I didn't like one bit was Holden's behavior. Beforehand it seemed that even if something was going on with him, he would always be able to focus on his son and two daughters and put them first when the time came for it. Well not this time. All he could think of was Carly. Luke's situation was a complete afterthought. That was just so out of character.

Wednesday, July 16th:

Nothing much here to say except that it's nice to see Luke interact more with NuLily. "Holden Snyder's a good, good man." Oh, NuLily. tsk, tsk, tsk, NuLily, NuLily, NuLily...

Friday, July 19th:

I hate to say that I agree with Janet when it comes to the sentiment of "rules are made to be broken" when it comes to Luke and Noah's physical relationship (What's with the hold-up, Goutman?!). That is the first and most likely the last time I'll ever agree with Janet Ciccone on ANYTHING. Still not a fan of her or Liberty. Even though Janet annoys me to no end, it's nice seeing Luke and Noah interacting with other characters.

There are things I like about this Holden and Carly (or otherwise known as "Horly" or "Carho") storyline and there are things I don't like about it. What I do like about it is the great acting. And while Martha Byrne is still the one true Lily Snyder to me (hence previous postings using quotation marks), I will give credit where it's due and say that Noelle Beck did a great job with her scenes. Especially going off on Carly in her car, her delivery of the line "You BITCH!" was just awesome. So did John Hensley, Maura West, and we certainly can't leave Van out. Not only is it bad that it's an affair, but Luke's always looked up to Holden so it makes perfect sense for him to be as devastated as he is. What I don't like is what this has done to the Holden character. It doesn't make sense at all for Holden to be sick of Lily's lies and manipulations, only to go and be with Carly Tenney -- one of Oakdale's biggest liars and manipulators. I mean, seriously, this woman faked her own fatal illness. And of course, with this story, Holden's values have obviously gone down the toilet. Just look at the way he acted on Monday when Luke got Damian's money. Talk about out of character. And the gall of him while confessing his OWN wrong behavior to be talking with Lily about honesty. And him offering to drive Lily home from the hospital. Like that's gonna make everything all better. Are you freaking kidding me?

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