Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Syndie Millionaire: Rumored Changes

The rumor mill’s a-turnin’ with daytime syndie Millionaire. For the most part, no real big changes. And I notice that a lot of them are elements from Super Millionaire.

Double Dip - I had to dig out an episode of Super Millionaire so I could refresh my memory as to how this works. Basically the contestant gets two shots at answering a question. I can easily see that working. I’m pretty positive that they’d have Double Dip in the higher question range just like on Super Millionaire. And this could be a good way to help contestants play the game a bit longer.

New Lifeline: Ask the Expert
- I’m imagining that this is similar to Super Millionaire’s Three Wise Men, sans two people. I loved this lifeline (and not just for the music cue), so if it does come to fruition I’m interested in seeing this play out.

Subjects from Upcoming Questions Revealed - This will obviously seem to help determine whether a player will walk away or continue the game. I just realized this would be a bit redundant; reason being, whenever it’s time for a new question, it’s read and the four possible answers are shown and the contestant already knows what’s been asked. The only difference is that when a question is read, it’s a bit more specific. And knowing what the question also determines whether or not a player will choose to leave.

Time Limit - I’m wondering how a real time limit on this show would work. And there’s also the fact that on the GSN documentary Game Show Hall of Fame: Who Wants to be a Millionaire, it was noted that this version already has some form of time limit. How much shorter could they make it? I’m surprised it’s that big an issue, since the show is shot on tape.

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