Monday, July 28, 2008

The Gong Show (2008): Review

On July 17, Comedy Central brought back the Chuck Barris classic, The Gong Show, hosted by Dave Attell.

I have to say, I never thought I’d see the day where we’d have Jackass-esque warning disclaimers at the beginning of The Gong Show. But of course we have to have those for the morons who are going to try the dangerous stunts at home.

I do admit that as far as the “raunchy” humor and content on this version goes, I’m really not having that much of a serious issue with it. There are several things to consider. One of which being what network this is on and the audience that it’s catering to, so it’s really not a surprise. And while the original 1970’s version was certainly not as risqué as this revival is, it’s not like the original was all family-friendly, all the time (Popsicle twins, anyone?). There’s also the fact that it’s a show that airs late at night, and any impressionable kids should have gone beddy-bye by the time it airs.

As far as the minor things go… set’s okay, I guess. It seems to fit the ambiance of the show and that’s really what’s important. As far as the music goes, nothing really to write home about; but I do love the fact that they have an in-studio band playing it.

In the end after seeing one episode so far, I don’t hate this version but I’m not in love with it either, and I don‘t find it appointment TV. And I’d say the original version is still the best.

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