Thursday, July 3, 2008

Celebrity Family Feud: Review

This would have come last week, but I forgot to set the timer for it. I know, naughty game show reviewer. *slaps wrist*

I don't think Al Roker is that bad a host, he's certainly capable of doing the job. He kind of reminds me of Richard Karn. He does seem to be having fun. But I do notice some tendencies of his I don't care for that much, for instance, the repeating of the words "Uh-oh!" or "Oh!" when someone gets a strike.

I thought the celebrities I saw tonight were okay, nothing to write home about. But they were watchable, and they looked as though they were having fun, and that certainly is the important part. And while I personally will be very much looking forward to seeing the episode with Margaret Cho, I do enjoy All-Star Feud much more when it was casts of different shows competing against one another.

I'm really not into the opening that's done for the show. I know some people hate the sound effect that's made when someone gives a right answer in the main game, the *ding-whoosh!*. I just don't think the whoosh! sound effects are necessary, and I do find that the whooshing starts to get a bit annoying after a while.

And this is another instance where I'm not liking the original theme used for the current era, basically since it's just the same parts of the theme song used over and over. I remember it annoyed me during the Karn era when they used it and it was so badly edited. There's no point in having it if it's just going to sound bad, especially if the current era already has a music package of its own.

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