Monday, July 7, 2008

ATWT: True Colors

Thursday, July 3rd:

Oh. My. God. This has to be one of the best Luke and Noah episodes in a very long time. Seriously. It's rare these days when this show lives up to any sort of hype.

I loved seeing Cyndi Lauper on this episode. And one of the things that really made me enjoy it as much as I did is that it really seemed like it was just Cyndi talking and it was not a script. It really seemed like she was improvising it, especially during the first segment where Luke was interviewing her. Gotta love how Cyndi bumped Tony out of the way when she sang "Into The Nightlife." That was too hilarious. And her performing "True Colors" was a real treat, and I came extremely close to losing it when that happened. That's how emotionally well done I thought that was. And how awesome! TWO kisses, both uninterrupted!

And Noah, I love you, but are you crazy? Are you seriously going to try and join the army? And seeing Luke wave the little rainbow flag when he asked if Noah mentioned to his recruiting officer if he was gay... that seriously made me wish I had one of those on me.

And the airtime! Wow, they had to be on for at least 20 minutes. Now if we could just have airtime just nearly that decent on a regular basis. And how rare is it to see Luke close an opening segment?

Friday, July 4th:

Nice to see this scene with Holden and Luke; it was totally unexpected. In the last year, there have been numerous times where I absolutely could not STAND Holden as a husband, but Holden has still remained a good father and his talks with Luke have pretty much always never missed a beat. Character interaction always great to see, and it's a shame that it's a rarity these days on this show.

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of this whole army story, but there is no way -- absolutely NO way -- that this will be any worse than that whole Ameera charade. There's just no freaking way.

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