Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ATWT: Glorified Roommates

Thursday, July 24th:

Wow, show history with Julia’s mention. I love it when that happens, since all too often it seems like that element isn’t used very much these days on this show. Poor Luke. After seeing how things went down with his parents, he wonders what’s even the point of going on with his own relationship. Even though I’m still frustrated about lack of Nuke lovin’. I guess I can buy Noah’s reasoning for right now. I can understand wanting the first time to be special, but what annoys me about lack of sex with these two is that one week they’re all “I’m not ready for this,” then the week (or 9-10 day period) after when we see them again, they give each other these looks like they want to hit the sheets. NOW. It’s like the writers don’t know where to take these characters in that regard, and the end result doesn‘t make sense.

All I can say after this episode is that we better get a real love scene between Luke and Noah when the time finally comes (whenever that is…), especially after seeing that awkwardly disturbing and awful scene between Parker and Liberty. I don’t care what their point was in showing that; it was just creepy. And from what’s been seen around elsewhere on the ‘net, I see I’m not the only one that’s definitely not in the mood for a poor attempt at an ABC Afterschool Special, teen pregnancy style. I mean, good grief, even Katie is on the backburner for this. And I’m just not buying Brad as this big protective father.

And why is Holden so stupid? If you want to fix your marriage, going to the person you cheated with is NOT the way to go about it. What was up with that line of his to Luke’s… “This doesn’t concern you.”? Are you on crack, Holden? And I have no sympathy for Carly. At all.

I’ve always noticed Luke and Noah’s scenes were rather short and choppy looking about 99.999999% of the time (not to mention the rest of the show’s scenes go pretty fast too), but seeing their latest scenes on YouTube… yeesh, it’s really plain to see that the editing isn’t up to par.

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