Wednesday, July 23, 2008

50 Places That Make Cable TV Obsolete

I recently got a new top 50 list from Kelly Sonora. Thanks again, Kelly! This time about the top 50 websites that make Cable TV obsolete.

I can see how some of these sites make cable obsolete. If someone can't watch The Weather Channel, it's pretty easy as an alternative to just go to the website and find out the forecast. I can see how well the short films and productions of that nature can make it online. The Internet is a great and cheap way for filmmakers to get their work out and people in the business can easily see their work. As far as Coastal Dreams goes... why not just make this a regular soap opera? It's about time NBC had something else on its daytime line-up besides Days of our Lives and The Today Show. And of course, Facebook, the place where you can meet friends and loved ones, and people with the same interests as yours.

I can also see how some people who are maybe at work or are on the go somehow and they want to check sites like these online. It works for some fans and companies, like BMW, which is a successful company, but I can't imagine them having an entire network devoted to them. Cats are lovely creatures, but I don't see a whole entire network devoted to them either.

Though to be honest... I personally check most TV shows and things out online not necessarily because I want to, but because that's where they are. For instance, if a show like Undressed isn't being repeated on TV or isn't on DVD; if the episodes are online and I want to see them badly enough, well that's where I'll have to get them. And I think that's why a lot of people are tuning into shows like the classic ones online. With networks like TVLand and ION distancing themselves from them, unless someone gets Retro TV Network or AmericanLife, or if they're in Chicago and get MeTV, outside of tape trading they don't have many options if their favorite shows aren't released on DVD. And that's why myself and a lot of the people I know go to websites like YouTube.

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