Friday, June 4, 2010

Remembering Rue McClanahan

I was so incredibly heartbroken when I found out yesterday that the legendary actress Rue McClanahan had passed away due to a massive stroke. She was 76.

Of course, Rue was best known for her role as Southern and man crazy Blanche Hollingsworth Deveraux on the long running NBC hit The Golden Girls. One of my favorite things about The Golden Girls was that it showed very well that just because you reach a certain age that it does not mean you can still live a very full and engaging life. Blanche’s character was one of the biggest examples of this in my opinion.

Rue was also talented in all of her other acting jobs as well. I’ve recently gotten into Maude after sampling episodes on YouTube and getting the first season on DVD, and she did so well as Vivian, who was Maude’s absentminded but lovable neighbor and friend. Mama’s Family had another good role for her during the NBC years of the series, as Aunt Fran.

Can’t believe that we only have one surviving Golden Girl. It just hurts my heart.

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