Thursday, June 17, 2010

ATWT: What Relationship?

Thursday, June 17th:

World Turns,
writers, I have a question. In what time have Luke and Reid actually been in a relationship? Because while Luke and Reid have kissed three times, played a game of chess and rode a mechanical bull, nowhere in absolutely any of that have they in any form established some sort of relationship. This is one of many examples as to why it is not okay to overpower the direction of a storyline with plot points instead of character motivation.

It also shows one other thing that bugs the living daylights out of me when it comes to this story, and I know it’s a re-elaboration, but I have to put it out there again. From the story’s standpoint, we know that Reid is emotionally distant. But the big problem is that we don’t know why. There’s no establishment of Reid having, say, a rough childhood, a past good relationship gone sour, or any sort of severe past traumatizing event which would poison the way someone handles a relationship and make them be more reluctant to open up and start anew with someone else. It has been put out there that Noah had an emotionless childhood with a horrible father, so even if I don’t like the way Noah handles himself in a relationship, the show gives at least a reason for the behavior. On the other hand, each time Reid is jerky to Luke, it makes him come across as just that… a jerk. And unsympathetic to a number of people. If they expect me to like the guy, then they really need to delve into the inside of Reid, give him some layers, and elaborate more on the guy’s past or something, because they’ve pretty much written him as 90% ass and 10% emotion. And unless this changes for the better, I’m not going to be feeling too bad for Reid when he lashes out and clams up.

I love you, Luke Snyder, but I’m not a fan of the clinginess and the neediness. At this point it makes no sense whatsoever to expect Reid to “fight” for a non-existant "relationship" in which he’s known the other guy for a mere few months, and in much of that time, they didn't even like each other. Example #1375 why plot should NOT control a soap storyline.

On one last note, Noah is MIA again, thrown under the bus for the new character to be pimped. Boo. Hiss.

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