Friday, June 4, 2010

ATWT: A Kiss is SO NOT Just a Kiss

Friday, May 28th:

I’m a little bothered with Reid being so cool with Noah while knowing the fact that he’s insisting he keeps Luke’s attraction to him a secret and making woobie eyes at him.

I also want to bop Noah for his resistance. Of course Luke would want you to call him, Noah! The only reason why he’s not calling Luke at this point is because he feels defeated. What I couldn’t help but notice is that if Noah had actually called Luke like he wanted to then Reid wouldn’t have even been in the picture later. I’m sorry, but REBOUND.

Monday, May 31st:

Luke couldn't B.S. his way out of a paper bag. I don't blame Noah for being upset with him. They are broken up, and each of them have the right to be with someone else. But Luke and Noah regardless of where they are romantically are supposed to be friends. And a good friend would not string Noah along like Luke has done all the while he's had feelings for Reid. Noah's shown many signs that he wants to get back together, and has asked a number of times if there's more between him and Reid. Luke said no in each instance. And that was wrong.

I'll gladly admit that I have my problems with Reid, but I don't blame him for throwing Luke out at the end of today's show. Luke's every move with Reid is based on what Noah does or does not do. It's hilarious. Noah's "date" with Richard? Luke's in a huff and is off to Texas with him. Luke goes over to confront Reid about the potential problems with Noah's surgery? They kiss. Noah doesn't call Luke when he leaves the hospital? Reid comes over and they kiss again.
Noah tells Luke it's over at Yo's? BAM! Luke goes to see Reid!

Luke and Reid have feelings for one another, but their entire relationship is tainted because of Luke's feelings and love for Noah. Luke is still in love with Noah and is far from over him.

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