Friday, June 4, 2010

Online Pick of the Week (6/4): The Golden Girls

There are so many memorable Blanche-centered episodes of The Golden Girls. “Adult Education,” “End of the Curse,” “Scared Straight” … I can go on and on. But one that stands out for me the most is this episode from the final season, “Room 7.”

In it, Sophia sees her late husband Sal in heaven in an out of life experience while choking on a piece of candy. Also Blanche is devastated that her grandmother’s plantation in Atlanta is being torn down. She and the girls go with her to Atlanta to visit it. But when they arrive, she chains herself to the radiator.

This episode is really one of the most heartfelt and touching ones out of the whole series. I love how Blanche has such a soft spot for her hometown, and her family, and especially here, her grandmother. It's very hard for her to let go.

The Golden Girls; season 7, episode 11: "Room 7." My online pick of the week!

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