Friday, June 25, 2010

ATWT: More Luke/Reid Pimping… Sigh.

Tuesday, June 22nd:
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Today was interesting. Before it was Noah's turn to be pissed off with Reid during an important meeting with the Invicta woman. This time it's Luke's. Reid's hypocrisy shows again. He had no problem parading himself as the greatest brain surgeon ever when he came to Oakdale, but when someone else does it, he shows disdain. Oh my, Reid Oliver.

It was nice seeing Luke and Noah bond over history. The teasing over the Z-twins stuff was cute. Though the only bad part about it is that the writers didn't get it right! Do they not remember their own storylines? Luke didn't see Noah kiss Zac. Noah told him and Luke dismissed it as if it was nothing.

Wednesday, June 23rd:

I was so glad to see Noah stand up for himself. And it pained me to see Noah do what he did for Luke and Reid (and it also annoyed the living daylights out of me because now even NOAH of all people is pimping Luke/Reid!), but in the end, it just goes to show how selfless he is. Selfish brat, my ass.

Today pointed out again why I have such a problem with the Reid character. Such little balance in the way the man is written. They write him as nasty or as ridiculous as can be and then they try to erase it all by having him hug a pillow or work on a teddy bear? Sorry, show, not buying it. More needs to come out of Reid before I can ever truly like him.

Also, again, if Reid's going to get butt hurt every time Luke and Noah simply talk to each other, then it just goes to show that things aren't going to end well between them. He knows Luke still has an emotional attraction to Noah. I can't say I'd be that sad if he ends up heartbroken by the end of this. He knows what the stakes are.

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