Friday, June 4, 2010

ATWT: Awkward Dinner Party

Thursday, June 3rd:

I loved how Noah pointed out how grateful and appreciative he is for everything Luke's family has done for him. I really wish we could have more Noah and Lily scenes. I don't know about anyone else but I'm still waiting for a heartfelt apology from Reid to Luke for all the Richie Rich and rich family insults. Because unless that happens, I'm going to see Reid as nothing but a hypocrite for constantly bashing the idea of Luke having convenient access to money only for him to quickly change his tune when he needs said advantage to work in his favor. That could be one thing to get me to like him at least a little.

And Reid was really pissing me off with his attitude. It’s not like Luke and Noah were upstairs doing anything other than having a conversation. What Reid doesn’t get is that ending a long-term relationship is very hurtful for Luke. The attitude also makes me wonder what could happen down the line if a relationship between Luke and Reid were to end. Knowing Reid, it’d probably be just as bitter or even moreso than what we saw today. I was so happy to see Luke throw McBitchy out. I really wonder what Luke sees in him.

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