Thursday, June 10, 2010

ATWT: As The Hypocrisy Burns

Wednesday, June 9th:

Or as I also like to refer to this episode… “Noah Said Knock You Out… The Redux.”


Because a still screen grab just does not do it justice.

I’m sorry, but Reid coming off as Luke’s biggest defender is laughable. This self-righteous speech to Noah is coming from the same person who has treated Luke like garbage most of the time over the past 5 months. Hell, just last week, Reid’s final scene of the day with him featured him insulting Luke. And the spoiled comment is REALLY a joke considering I have not heard one thank you towards Luke for helping him out with the malpractice business.

This guy has been a grade A dick to anyone he feels like it whenever he wants (to Luke, Noah, Bob, Kim, Carly, Lily, Chris, Casey, Ali) so for him to call anyone rude, spoiled, or any such names is off the charts hypocritical. It’s like if Nicole Richie belittled someone else for being too skinny.

Reid had this punch coming for a long time and I sure as hell enjoyed it. No, Dr. Reid “I-Don’t-Get-Involved-In-My-Patient’s-Personal-Lives” Oliver, you can’t be a jackass every time things don’t go your way and expect people to just let it go. And your presumptuous attitude at that meeting and with Bob was not one bit flattering.

Luke… I love you, but you’re getting on my nerves lately. You can’t just string both guys along! I’d assume if this show were produced by an outlet like Falcon Studios, both would not be a problem, but considering it’s produced by the people that bring us Tide and Pringles, this isn’t going to be the case. It’s also pretty frigging hilarious that Luke can be jealous of Maddie (and we’re talking during post-out Noah days, folks), Mason, and Richard but when Noah is upset with this whole Reid situation it’s supposed to be brushed over and gotten over with. It’s as if Reid and Luke can do no wrong and it’s ridiculous. All three characters are flawed.

Also, for God’s sake, the writers on this show flip flop this break-up business more than pancakes at the IHOP! It’s gotten far past ridiculous. LUKE broke up with NOAH. On March 16, 2010. PERIOD. I’m tired of it changing every other episode. Do the writers not watch their own show? I’ll gladly point them to the YouTube video posted on multiple accounts so they can see what they themselves actually wrote.

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