Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Supernatural: Why I'm Not Worried This Week

With this latest upcoming episode, I had thought about coming up with some clever title like “Supernatural gets hot” or something like that for this, but considering who the two leading men on this show are, a title like that would be inaccurate and misleading.

Anyway, as I’m sure every fan knows by now, Paris Hilton is going to guest star this week on Supernatural. Now I can’t stand the sight of this woman. At all. But I am rather calm about this, and now I realize why. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier entry, I may not like everything this show has put out. For instance, I wasn’t a fan of the recasting of Ruby. However, even though I don’t think the show is always perfect, too much good has come out in the past four years. The writing, the acting, the producing, etc. So. Much. Good. And there’s also the fact that the creator, Eric Kripke always seems to want to treat his fans with respect and knows that we aren’t his personal playthings. He seems to listen to pretty much all of our issues. For instance, the majority of fans didn’t like Bela, so she was gone after season 3. And after all, this isn’t the first time he has asked fans for their trust. I’m suddenly reminded of the time just before season 3 started when it was announced that a couple of new recurring people would join the cast. I'll admit, I worried a little. But things turned out rather well. And even if I don’t like a certain episode or a certain twist for any reason, I know that even though that might be the case, I know that the show at least always tries to put on a good show no matter what.

So even though I do not enjoy Paris Hilton one bit, I will at least have trust and faith that the show will at least still be decent. And even if I don’t like the episode, I’ll at least know the powers that be tried. Hell, maybe I’ll even like Paris a little after this. Okay, let’s not push it that far.

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