Saturday, October 24, 2009

Online Pick of the Week (10/23): Chain Reaction (NBC)

This is another pick of a show that I think could do nicely on a weekend timeslot on GSN.

For those not familiar or if they haven’t seen the GSN version of Chain Reaction, it is a word game in which contestants must form chains based on two word phrases. It was created by Bob Stewart, best known for his other hit successful game show Pyramid.

The episode chosen is from the original NBC era, which I find to be the best of them all. There’s Bill Cullen, the host, the game play from the contestants is much better and sharper and I actually really love the celebrity team factor that this version had.

I was never crazy about the USA version. Geoff Edwards did a great job as host but I never really felt it much. Normally I am not one to point out or complain about the cheapness of a particular show with a few exceptions, mainly this show and CBS daytime Wheel of Fortune, but that was a big problem that I had with that. The bonus round on it I found to be very monotonous and dull.

The GSN version I never liked. Dylan Lane, while looking good behind the podium, I thought really lacked in interacting well with the contestants and overall hosting of the show. Too many of the contestants weren’t always that great in playing the game either. I know being under the lights and the pressure is not as good to handle with everyone; and every good contestant makes at least one goofy blunder or a mistake, but here it seemed to happen all too often. The Millionaire wannabe set and the awful theme music really didn’t help matters either.

The NBC version could again I think could work really well in reruns, again in some kind of early morning weekend slot, seeing as though there were only 50 or so episodes produced. The original NBC Chain Reaction, my online pick of the week!


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